Grati-Tuesday 22 Jan 19

Written by AHQ

22 January 2019

G’day all,

Check out this smiling face!  This is Pello, one of our previous recipients, a RAAF reservist but also a hilarious stand up comedian.  As if deploying and wearing the uniform wasn’t enough,  Pello joined the Forces Entertainment Group that toured many of our deployed areas over the recent Christmas and New Year period. 

When she knew she was going she contacted me and asked if there was anyway we could manage a DPCU (camo) safari suit for her to wear… nice thought but a bridge too far for us so we instead made her a DPCU santa hat (great job Clarissa).

We also managed to make a handful of laundry bags for the entertainment team

and I have it on good authority that there as a Santa Sack full of homemade ANZACS in Pello’s luggage when she left.  Not sure how long the ANZACs lasted though.

Reports have indicated that Pello’s routines were well received and hilarious! 
BZ Pello!

To all the performers who gave up their Christmas holidays to support and entertain our troops, a huge heartfelt thankyou! We appreciate you. 

Only a couple of thank you messages this week …. a number of letters are waiting to be transcribed and there is a bit of a backlog whilst people catch up from Christmas… not to worry, they are coming. 

I wanted to personally thank Ashleigh and Bridget for the amazing and beautiful quilt and laundry bag I received whilst deployed on Ballarat in the Middle East. It was so special to receive a handmade quilt and laundry bag from the ladies. 

My friends on the ship and my family back home absolutely love both items. I will cherish them and enjoy every use I get from them. I honestly couldn’t have asked for them to look any better. I truly appreciate the time and effort that went towards creating both items, especially Ashleigh being so young and talented. 

I admire the work you at Aussie Hero Quilts do because the beautiful gesture from you all put smiles on everyone’s faces and truly lifted the spirits around Christmas time. Again, thank you so much! I am truly blessed and humbled.


Good morning Anne Hnr,

I don’t know where to start from , but I am short of words for the efforts you have put to design and send me the quilt.

I can only say that I’m humbled and grateful for the quilt and letter you send.

I will pray Almighty God for your good health .

Til next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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