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21 March 2017

Hi all, only one photo this week but some lovely messages all the same. 


Dear Brian and Helen C 

OMG, where do I start?

What an awesome package I received in the post today.

The work you guys have put into my quilt and laundry bag is amazing. I can not thank you enough. I have always loved cartoons, I guess they remind me of my childhood and the gold old days. I will be putting the quilt and bag on my wall in the man cave as soon as I return to Australia. 

My wife loves it and has already tried to tell me where she wants to put it…….

The work you guys put in is extremely appreciated by all of us over here, we all look forward to receiving our packages.  Everyone shows off their quilts to one another.

Please keep up the amazing work you do.  Brian the painting idea, the guys love it.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Hey Sarah Jane,
Thank you so much for the laundry bag. It will definitely make a lot of my US counterparts jealous.  I think we all know Yoda is by far everyone’s favourite!! Great job!
Receiving my little gift was a good finish to a very long day.

Take care.


Dear Sue,
This is just a quick note to send my sincere thanks for my wonderful Aussie Hero Quilt laundry bag! I love it and am extremely grateful for the love, time and effort going into making it. I have been in country for two months now and while I am loving the experience, it has actually been harder than I ever envisioned. Well Sue,I just wanted to say thanks. Knowing Australians care and support us in our mission is heartwarming and makes all the crappy times over here worthwhile. You are a legend.
Warmest regards

Hey Sue!
I loved the Quilt! You did such an amazing job! 😁
It will definitely make the trip here feel more home like.
I hope this year so far has been nothing but amazing for you and your family. Ill try writting again when I get more time off.
Thank you once again
I had this patch especially made for Remembrance Day, for those who have served and those that have passed. Please take it, and keep it safe.
Thank you so much!

Hey Sue!
I loved the Quilt! You did such an amazing job! 😁
It will definitely make the trip here feel more home like.
I hope this year so far has been nothing but amazing for you and your family. Ill try writting again when I get more time off.Thank you once again

Hi Sandy, Trevor and family!

My name is PTE XXXXX from the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment from  Adelaide and I’m currently serving on the 117th rotation of Rifle Company Butterworth in Malaysia.
I very much appreciate the laundry bag you made and sent over. Be assured that it will get put to good use due to the humidity over here; we’re doing lots of washing.

I served 6 months in Iraq last year as well, and Aussie Heroes sent some quilts and bags over there as well. This time I feel very fortunate to be receiving my own.

Everyone appreciates the huge amounts of time and effort that you volunteers put into making these for us, and personally from a very grateful soldier, thank you!

Hi Joan and Robin, 

Sorry for the super late reply. You guys made me an awesome green and orange laundry bag probably 4 months ago. The day I received it I departed for a bit of a trip around a few bases and left the original note back at my home base over here. I really appreciate the work you guys put in. The workman/workwomanship was spectacular and I know I’ll be using this when I head back to australia next week. 

Thankyou so much for what you guys do. I can certainly say that every one who gets a personal laundry bag loves them and is the envy of all of our coalition partners. 

Thanks again and keep up the stellar work; it brings a little splash of colour and life to what is a pretty barren, desolate, sandy and hot place over here. 



To Aussie hero quilts,

Thank you so much for the laundry bag I have recently received. 
I’m currently part of RCB 117 at Butterworth in Malaysia and have recently returned from a deployment in Iraq in December of 2016.
Your work is greatly appreciated army wide and it’s great to know we have such a fantastic organisation thinking of us when we are away. 
I’d like to send a special shout out to S Pollock for my laundry bag. I chose this one in particular as I’ve had some shirts in the past with a similar print, so it really stood out for me. 

Again, many many thanks from me and keep up the great work

Good Morning Beverly 

Just a quick email that say thank you very much to you, Sherrie, Steph and Kerri for my beautiful Aussie Hero Quilt.

I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put towards it. It is hard to explain what is it like to receive such a lovely and personnel gift off people you do not know, but trust me we all appreciate it very much. 

I am onboard HMAS Aurnta. We are serving in the Middle East Region and will complete 9 months away by the time we get home. This extended deployment is the first for the RAN in some 30 years. We left in Nov 16 meaning we will / have missed Xmas, NYE, ANZAC day, Easter and I will also have my 30th birthday at sea. Missing events such as these is made easier knowing there are people like you at home who appreciate what we are doing for our country and its people.  

Thanks again, my quilt will be placed with pride on my bed for the remainder of our deployment.



Hi Cathie and Bruce,

I just received my Laundry Bag as well as the other goodies.
Love the Laundry Bag (love the ant) and love the work that you all do!
Very much appreciated and thank you for all your efforts, time and the great work you do.
Once again, thank you! It is great receiving these care packages and your time and efforts are truly appreciated in providing these for us. Words can’t describe how grateful I and others are for these gifts!


I’m serving onboard HMAS Arunta in the Persian Gulf, and I have just opened up a parcel that arrived with my name on it.  What a wonderful surprise. I received an absolutely gorgeous quilt. 

This beautiful gift has really has made my day. The design with the lizards is perfectly suited to my ship  Arunta. Yet at the same time it makes my cabin feel more homely.

I have been on Arunta for 15months and should serve onboard for a total of 2 years this posting. I have spent  a total of 11 years at sea and 21 years in the RAN. My family is partially a military family, my grandfather, great grandfathers and cousin have all served, and I am expecting my younger brother to join this year. 
This trip is different to any other deployment I have been on, this is because my wife is at home with our new 3 month old daughter. I was very fortunate to be at home for the birth, before I had to return back onboard. Technology and a dedicated wife have provided me with the opportunity to see photos of my daughter nearly every day.

Once I get back home I intend to put the quilt on her bed.  That way it serves as a link between her and the ship that I’m serving on.

Once again, thankyou for the amazing thoughtful gift.

And can you please pass on my appreciation to Sandy R


Dear Joan & Robin

Thank you so much for my brightly coloured laundry bag, I love it!
It’s nice to have something a little homely over here.
I’m only half way through my tour and missing home like crazy but it makes it so much easier to know people like you are thinking about me back home.

Thank you again

Hello Margaret,

I received the laundry bag in the mail and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you – it’s sincerely appreciated.

Back in Australia my wife is a sales assistant and lives in Launceston with our Kelpie cross, Bow. She moved back to our hometown when Arunta sailed for more family support.

Again thank-you for your work and wish you all the best.



Hi Sue,
Thank you for the lovely quilt and laundry bag.
I did receive it some time ago and I am sorry for the late response. When I received it was a pleasant surprise and it brought a smile to my face. The design is great, so good in fact that I am keeping in brand new condition to take home with me because I am sure my wife Melinda and our 2 kids aged 8 and 5 will love it also.  It will be great memento of my time here for years to come.

I am almost finished my time here and I cannot wait to get home to my family, we are based in the NT at the moment. 


Hi Thelma,
I have received the quilt that you made and would like to thank you very much, you have done an amazing job!
I did have a good Christmas, although it was hard being away from family and friends. I have 2 daughters, 6 and almost 5.   I had some time on Christmas Day to video call home and talk to them and my wife, which was really good.
We also really enjoy camping so while I’m away I’ve been planning a good trip around my home state of Tasmania. I agree with you that the best time to camp is in winter, but the girls prefer the warmer months! In your letter you mentioned a campfire and cold drinks in the esky – I really miss that part too!
I would like to say thanks again for my quilt and laundry bag, everyone here really appreciates the work that you guys do for us. Your letter was very touching also, it’s comforting to know that people have us in their thoughts while we are over here.
Kind Regards,


Hi Lorraine,
Just a short note to say thank you for the quilt you made for me.
I think it’s great and I especially like the note square in the corner.
I can see that you have put a great deal of time and effort into making it, receiving it certainly brightened my day.
I have been in the Defence force for just over 32 years now.
I am looking to retire at the end of my next posting and that will take me to 35+ years’ service.
I have two grown children, both at university, a beautiful wife and a little corgi X dog.
I should be home with them some time before the end of April.
The quilts and laundry bags we receive over here are very much appreciated, and
I know that everyone gets really excited when they receive theirs in the mail.
Again, thank you for all of your hard work and please keep making these items so others
that follow me can enjoy them just as much as I have.
Kind regards,

Dear Pennie,
Thank you for the laundry bag you made for me!
It certainly makes finding my Washington easier, and I love the bright colours you used.
I think that contributions like this from kind people like yourself make deployments so much better.  This is my third one and the first one that I’ve actually received anything like this.
It’s just as good as receiving socks and jocks from Mum for Christmas, or photos of my 5 month old Son from my partner.
Thank you for making me feel special, I truly am grateful.
Keep up the great work at the Emergency Department, your job there must be as tough as ours some days.
Thanks for all that you do.
Kind regards,

Jean…a beautiful blue and orange laundry bag has just arrived in my location, carefully crafted by yourself. Thank you very much; I will treasure it not only while over here but when I take it back and return to my family. 

 I am sure I will have the bag for many years past this deployment and it will always remind me of the kindness of people like yourself that makes being away a little bit easier. 
Great messages everyone. 

Till next time…… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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