Grati-Tuesday 20th August

Written by AHQ

20 August 2019

What a wonderful lot of thank you letters we have to read in this Post.  
I love to get a glimpse
into the lives of those we send the Quilts and Laundry Bags to and find I am 
inspired to make more.

Enjoy your reading

Good evening Helen,

I’m writing to thank you for the laundry bag I received from you. I am on HMAS Brisbane and we have just begun the ship’s first overseas deployment. We commissioned in Oct 2018 and have gone through all the seagoing tests and trials to make sure we are competent to sail outside of Australia. Last week we sailed from Sydney on our way to the USA to conduct more testing that will deem us a true warship.

It was a very busy couple of months to get the ship fully stored and ready to go, as we need to be self-sufficient for the next four months. Other than fresh food we will have to rely on what we have on board to repair and maintain the ship.

The Laundry Bags supplied by Aussie Hero Quilts were very well received on board as the bags supplied through our normal supply system were substandard and fell apart within a couple of weeks. Every member who came into my office to choose their bag, from the Commanding Officer down, was excited with the colours and variety, and that they got to choose their own to suit their personality. I selected a Navy blue bag with little gold skulls on it. I liked the simple design and Navy blue is my favourite colour. We have a long trip ahead of us and the bag will be getting a lot of use. You mentioned that you go to the gym three days a week, we do some type of physical training once or twice a day for fitness and to have a break from the computer and this generates a lot of stinky gym gear. Having somewhere to nice to store it between wash days makes our cabin look better. I share with one other Chief and she is loving her laundry bag too.

Thank you again, I appreciate the time and effort you have gone to in making my bag.


Dear Jan-Maree and Bridget,

Thank you so much for the amazing quilt and laundry bag! They’re really great. I’ll be displaying them proudly at home, I really love the red kangaroo and Aussie flag! Well done!

It’s really great to feel to support from people back home, so thanks again.


To dear Lyn,
A small thank you gift for may amazing quilt. You did a wonderful job and it is something I will keep safe to remind me of my first deployment.

Thank you!! All the very best,


Dear AHQ,

I am a soldier currently deployed on operations and have received a laundry bag from your organization. Thank you very much for your support, and your thoughtful, well-crafted gift. It is very much appreciated and adds a splash of familiar and homely comfort to otherwise drab and dreary barracks, naval racks and bunks.

Thank you again for your well-wishes and your skilful craftsmanship. It is very much appreciated. This laundry bag will definitely get a lot of use and couldn’t be more useful or better received.

Many regards,


To Doris, Barbara, Sylvia, Judy, Marilyn, Rhonnie, Lola, Cathy and Carol,

I would like to thank you all for taking your time to sew this colourful and fabulous Laundry Bag. The bag already been put to good use with several loads of washing going through. From the bags presented to the crew aboard HMAS Brisbane, I chose this bag because of the vibrant colours of the Acacias on the front.

I am a Sub-Lieutenant aboard HMAS Brisbane with a position of an Assistant Marine Engineer Officer. My role involves the routine of checking and maintenance of the machinery and power generation spaces on board Brisbane. With a variety of machinery and electrical generating plants aboard Brisbane, my role is never dull.

As I write this email, the ship is currently transiting across the Coral Sea, where we will make our first stop in Noumea, New Caledonia with our final destination to be San Diego, USA. Thanks once again to all the lovely people who contributed to this bag as I cherish it now and forever!

Kind Regards,

Good morning Jenny,

I recently received my Aussie Hero Quilt that you so expertly made for me. I am truly grateful for the time, passion and effort you have put in to making not just this one, but all your contributions to this wonderful cause. I was looking forward to receiving the quilt and was not disappointed. I’m glad you found an affinity with the family theme and I really like the additional touches you put into the family tree. The colours of all my football teams was the icing on the cake and your creation now has pride of place (alongside photos of my wife and children) in my accommodation here in Egypt. Thank you also for the little surprises of the Tim Tams and chocolate; both a welcome and delicious inclusion.

Once again, thank you for your effort and the continued support you and your colleagues provide to our serving men and women. It is a little touch of home that helps soften the absence of being away.

Kind regards,

Dear Su,
Thank you so much for the quilt.
I’ve now spent a few months here in the Middle East. 
Back in Australia, my wife and two young daughters live in the NT. I’m lucky enough to be able to call them regularly whilst away. I still find that I’m missing the experiences and changes in them both very much, especially for this duration of time away.
I completed my 17thyear of service in the military earlier this year, but this is my first operational deployment.
Shortly after I return my family and I will be moving to NSW with a short daily commute. We are extremely excited for this change. I’m sure the girls will get plenty of use from the quilt with the change in weather next year.
I love the addition of “Home Among The Gum Trees”, I vividly remember listening to John Williamson and Slim Dusty as a child. I can’t thank you enough and it is so nice to receive such a special and thoughtful gift which lets not only myself but everyone know we are appreciated back home.
Kind regards,

Hi Shirley,

Thank you so much for the quilt. I love it! I was very surprised to receive it so early into my trip, as I have only been here for a month. I didn’t expect to receive one until later in the year. I opened the box while my girls were on Skype with me. They absolutely loved it too – lots of oohhhs and aaaahhhs. I do not think the airspace is busy at all, and you picked the aircraft perfectly. I have worked with C-130 and KC-30, just not the E-7. My husband deployed at the end of 2017, and he has a quilt from his trip. But of course his is nowhere near as pretty as mine!!!! I am constantly impressed by how creative and clever people are…I think I missed out in that department!

I have been in the Air Force for almost 20 years. I joined straight out of school and went to ADFA to do my engineering degree. It has honestly gone very quickly, and I have enjoyed (almost) all of it. This deployment is my first though, so it is very new and exciting for me! There is a lot to learn, but I am hopeful I can make some positive difference while I am here.

My husband is also in the Air Force, and we have two girls (7 and 9). We are currently posted to Queensland, but will be moving to Canberra next year. My husband and daughters will move before me though as I don’t get back in time. I am not looking forward to moving back to the colder states again! It will get down to around minus 12 here in winter, so if I can survive that, I should be ok with Canberra!!!

Thankyou once again for taking the time to make the quilt. It will come in handy as the weather gets cooler here, and for now, it is a beautiful piece to brighten the room.


Dear Sandy,
Well what can I say about the quilt you sent to me? It was absolutely perfect. Your vision in capturing my requirements was spot on and the final product speaks volumes. The amount of positive comments I have received, from all I have shown the quilt to here, is way too many to list. I have even had threats that it might go missing, so it is now closely guarded.

A very big thank you for taking the time and effort to make such a marvellous piece of art. There are some exceptionally talented quiltmakers in the team. My gratitude goes to my quiltmaker: Yourself for the design, and Lyn, Chris and Kath for putting the quilt together. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to Kath and Tom for their letter, let them know I love the quilt and well done for raising their four children into fine adults.

The quilt will be a treasured reminder for the remainder of my days on this planet, and as I look at it from time to time it will bring back the wonderful memories of my deployment.

I grew up in England and joined the Royal Air Force in 1983. I started my career as an Avionics Technician and worked on Tornado aircraft. In 2003 I joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an Aerospace Engineering Officer and have posted to a number of places. Aircraft are a wonder of the world and continue to amaze me, even after nearly 37 years in uniform.

You say it is a privilege to have made this quilt for me . . . I think it is the other way around and it is a privilege for me to have received a quilt of this quality from people who have given up their precious time to make such items. It is very humbling to know people are thinking of us during these long periods away and your quilt has been a pleasure to receive. I am very honoured to serve for people such as yourselves.


Words simply cannot describe the emotion that I felt when I opened your package.  It is without a doubt the most personal thing that I have ever received in my life. The effort that you went to is so very, very appreciated.  The blue colours link to the ocean and most importantly my family just blew me away. Then I turned it over and read all the wonderful comments from everyone.  Both the laundry bag and the quilt will go to good use and will be keepsakes till the day I die.  But on top of that you took the time to write me a personal letter.  I thank you so much for all of that.  I think we are privileged to have you.  If I didn’t understand the full impact that your gesture has on so many people before, it impacted me so very deeply. I fully get the magnitude of your efforts and understand the difference that you make to so many lives now.

Again, Thank You and I hope that you are fully recovering from your operation.


Hi Marilyn,

I just wanna say thanks for the awesome laundry bag and the treats I really appreciate it.

I have been an infantryman in the army for about 5 years now and this is my first deployment. It’s been a good experience and I’m heading home in a couple of weeks so I’m looking very forward to it.

I am the middle child with 2 sisters. I was born in Melbourne and moved to Queensland when I was young and as it turns out the puffing billy railway is one of my earliest memories. Before I moved up to Queensland my parents took us for a ride on it and I’ll always remember that day because my favourite hat blew off my head.

Thanks again for your support! I wish you and your family all the best!


Hi Fran,

Thank you very much for the outstanding quilt and laundry bag you have made me.

The Wynnum Manly Seagulls quilt and laundry lag will be very useful and they both look awesome.

Being a passionate fan of the club, these will be valued items around the house and a great memory of the very charitable efforts all involved at Aussie Hero Quilts are doing.

Sincerely thank you,


Good evening Janis,

What can I say, I’m truly lost for words after receiving the most AMAZING quilt anyone could have ever asked for.

I truly don’t know what I was expecting but I can tell you this. As soon as I opened the box and unfolded the quilt, I was BLOWN away with absolute pleasure and happiness of what I had just received from you.

I’m not lying when I say it brought a tear to my eye and I even had to call my wife to show her what I had just received. I’m truly over the moon with what I have received from you and the picture of the dogs is very much so the way that they look which made it even more special for me.

You’re one amazing woman to do what you do for our deployed men and women of Australia and I take my hat off to you.

Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing because the joy and love you have just given me, will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

I wish you all the best for the rest of 2019 and for many more years to come.

Kind regards,


Good Morning (afternoon for you) Marilyn,

I am writing to thank you for the lovely Melbourne Storm themed laundry bag and care package I recently received.

I have been following the NRL games where I can over here, and it is great to see the team going so well again this year.

I would have loved to send a hand written letter back to you, but unfortunately our mail system is quite slow at the moment, and it is taking up to 2 months for mail to get back to Australia.

I was born and raised in a little coastal town north of Brisbane – where I grew up playing Rugby League and surfing. 

I enlisted in the Army in 2014 after working for a few years as a Youth Worker whilst also trying my hand at semi-professional rugby league – playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins.

I graduated the Royal Military College in 2015 as an Artillery Officer and posted to Townsville for 3 years, prior to returning to Brisbane early this year.

During my military career I’ve also had the opportunity to play for the Australian Defence Forces rugby league team in the Defence Force World Cup in 2017, playing against the Fijian Defence Force, NZ Defence Force and UK Defence Force. We made it through to the grand final undefeated, however lost the final to Fiji. I played five-eighth.

I am currently deployed, where largely I work on the defence of the Base, and planning for any contingencies in the future mission.

I am married to a lovely lady. We have no children yet, but we do have 2 very spoilt dogs.

It is great to see the joy on soldiers’ faces when they receive a package from Aussie Quilt Heroes, just the smallest of things over here mean so much – know what you guys do is making an impact in more ways than one.  

I hope you have a great day, and thank-you once again.

Kind Regards


Dear Ruth,

Hello and THANK YOU!!!! I received your LB yesterday and I am speechless!!! I can’t believe the detail and effort you went to, to make such a unique and special bag. I have become the envy of all who have received LB’s so far lol. A mate has even asked if you could make him one!!
I am a die-hard Canterbury Bulldogs fan of 34 yrs and this LB will be treasured for years to come. You have truly made something really memorable for me.

I am on my 5th deployment and 3rd to XXXXX. I was here in 2017 and 2008 so have spent plenty of time in this country. I am responsible for supply chain advice, technical support and management of basic logistical support here. The days are long but the weeks are short so the time seems to be going quickly!!

I have served in the Army for the last 15 yrs and probably will serve for another 5. But this will most likely be my last deployment, as it is getting harder for my family.

Thank you again Ruth, from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a hero along with many others who brighten the days of soldiers who receive your bags.

Kind regards,

Dear Cath,
In between doing my laundry and eating dinner I received a message that I had a care package at the Billabong (the Aussie accommodation block) mail room. I went to grab the package expecting to be from my wife; instead i found myself late on a Friday night opening up your lovely care package. Its arrival could not have been more serendipitous, it had been a shocker of a day (not that this letter is to be all doom and gloom). I had been ripped from a deep sleep in the AM by messages meant for another, I had received a teary skype from my wife and we found out we are about to get far busier for a myriad of reasons. Your package and letter genuinely brought a smile to my face at the end of a long day.
Thankyou so much for the beautiful laundry bag, well penned letter and thoughtful gifts. The bag is perfect, the animals are just what I asked for and the monogramming was the icing on the cake. I will get a lot of use out of it!
I guess it would be rude of me not to tell you a little about myself. Career wise I have now been in the RAAF coming up to fourteen years. I have worked in our Joint Operations Command, with our AP-3C, F/A-18, KC-30A and Combat Support Group. This is my third deployment, at the end of this one I will have spent almost ten percent of my military career deployed. My wife is adamant that this be the last one. I am quickly coming around to her way of thinking. It is a long time to be away from family and friends.
Our day to day work here has us making sure our RAAF aircraft are employed efficiently and safely in support of Operations  
I am not adequately able to articulate my gratitude and admiration for the skill and effort you have put into the care packages you send.  Nor will I be able to surmise the impact your beautiful gifts have for each Australian Defence Force that opens them. Just know that it truly means a lot to each and everyone of us.
Know that your beautiful gift will always draw my mind back to this time in my life. Please accept our patch a small token of my appreciation for the lovely work you do.
Love, prayers and best wishes,
My wife loves the Laundry Bag. Skype doesn’t do it justice but she to send her thanks!
What wonderful letters!  I never tire of reading the letters of thanks.

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