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18 September 2018

Up first this week, some wonderful messages from happy HMAS Canberra recipients…..


It was lovely meeting you today Jenny, I love the laundry bag and I love the bunnies.   Thank you very much.


Huge thanks to Aussie Hero Quilts for my laundry bag today. Special thank you to the beautiful Ann who made my bag.  I am so thankful for the support and appreciation you show us every day. 


Good morning Pennie,

I was delightfully greeted with one of your absolutely gorgeous laundry bag for my deployment. I am so grateful to know we have beautiful people like you who take so much time out of their day to make such beautiful gifts. I want to send you my gratitude to you for allowing me to brighten up my cabin, and after a long works day, knowing someone does care for us. I am so very happy I can email you, showing how much i appreciate your hard work and effort. I am posted to HMAS Canberra, the flagship of the RAN. I have just become a SMET(ships medical and emergency team), and help with medical based issues. I was so amazed to read that you work in the emergency department in a public hospital. I have always had a dream of being in the medical field. I know that sometimes your days are long and sometimes not pleasant at all, but i want to thank you for helping save lives of those who also need it.  I honestly can not thank you enough. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


Thank you for being their to support us ADF members, and thanks for my laundry bag that I received yesterday.


Dear Mrs T

I am writing to thank you for the laundry bag that my partner received recently.  She is currently on deployment on HMAS Canberra.  The ship has pulled into Darwin for a few days and I have come up here to see her. 

One of the first things that she showed me was the laundry bag that she received on the ship.  She had the opportunity to select which one she wanted, and she chose one with cat material as she said that it reminds her of her pet cat at home. 

It’s been very hard for her and her fellow sailors to be away from home for so long,  and it means a lot to her that lovely people such as yourself are supporting them on their deployment.

Thank you for your kindness, and good wishes to your son who is also proudly serving our country.


Good Afternoon Ma’am 

I would like to say thank you for the laundry bag you have made me, it brighten up my day 



Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a laundry bag that you made for serving ADF members.

I thought it most appropriate to respond to your letter and thank you for the laundry bag.

It was very timely as I did actually loose my Navy issue bag from the laundry only last week. 

The design of the bag was awesome as I am mad golfer and thought it was perfect.

Please be aware that all the ships company appreciated the laundry bags prior to us sailing today.
There where a lot of happy faces and knowing that the community supports us in our adventure and servcie makes it that little bit easier.
My mother is a mad sewing expert also and is forever making things and she know of Aussie Quilts.
Once again thanks for the laundry bag, I appreciate your effort and time to make such things.
Keep safe and I will be double sure not to loose this laundry bag.
Kindest Regards,


Dear Helen,

Thank you very much for the Beautiful Laundry bag, The Poppies are very appropriate,  My maternal Grand Father served in France and Belgium with the 40th battalion in the First world war from 1917 to 1919, enlisting in Hobart, at the age of 18. I will think of him every time I look at the bag.

I am a Leading Seaman Marine Technician in the Diesel section on board the HMAS Canberra. I joined the Navy back in 2011, serving at HMAS Waterhen, on HMAS Gascoyne, on HMAS Sydney and commissioning crew for HMAS Adelaide prior to joining HMAS Canberra.

I also have three children, A daughter and two sons, I have two Grand Sons ( I joined late in life) 

Thank you again for the wonderful work, Please pass on our thanks to all of your group, you are very skilled.

Yours Appreciatively,

Hi Beverly, 

I’m a Private working on HMAS Canberra in the Amphibious Army department as an Army cargo spec. I’m writing to say thank you for the wonderful laundry bag. I love the design as I’m a car enthusiast in my spare time and I think it’s really good thing what you do. It really makes our job so much better knowing there is wonderful people out there like yourself that know, care and appreciate what we do for our nation so thank you again for your time effort Beverly .

Kind Regards

Good Morning Ladies,

First off I would like to apologise for the late correspondence I am a watchkeeper and it can be difficult to find time to do things like this.
I would like to thank you so much, it means a lot to me to know that there are people still care it is a very touching gift that you have offered and I am very grateful.
I have actually only recently learned how to sew ( I had to repair some flags) and it is quite a skill I will admit.

Thank you so much again for the laundry bag I really appreciate it and use it all the time.

Strong winds and fair seas,


G’day Jan-Maree, 

I would like to pass on my thanks to yourself and all involved in your organisation. 

I am the Chief Medic onboard HMAS Canberra. I was fortunate enough to receive a laundry bag from you recently when you and some of your volunteers came onboard and gave each of us a laundry bag. 

Apart from being highly functional, I greatly appreciate the work that goes into every item that is produced by AHQ and more so the reason and purpose behind why you do it. 

Very Many Thanks to you and all involved. 



Dear June,

I’m 18 years old and I recently received a wonderful laundry bag covered in an assortment of watercolour birds and flowers which I believe was made by you. I think it is extremely beautiful and it reminds me of my family, thus I am very grateful to have been its recipient. 

I am currently completing a Navy Gap Year. I haven’t been home since last year (therefore the reminder of my family was very welcome) because I took the opportunity to move to HMAS Stirling, WA, when it arose. I am currently sailing aboard HMAS Canberra which is one of the most exciting things I have ever done. This year in the Navy has been extremely valuable to me as it has helped give me direction for my future. Next year I am going to start studying Medicine and I will most likely apply for the Defence Undergraduate Scheme so that I can one day become a Doctor in the Navy or Army.

I was extremely touched by the gesture people such as yourselves have made by making these laundry bags. Though I don’t feel quite deserving of it yet, being only a gap year, I hope that one day I can contribute to my country in much more depth.

Thank you so much for your efforts. I will always cherish this laundry bag and its meaning.

Kind regards, 



I am posted to HMAS Canberra and recently received your lovely laundry bag and letter. My mum is also a former nurse and makes quilts and bags for defence personnel, I truly appreciate the thought and time you have taken to provide for myself and others. 

I wish you and your family all the best in the future.


Good Afternoon Ladies, 

I am the Senior Health Officer in Australia’s Flagship – HMAS Canberra. Yesterday we departed our homeport and prior to sailing, Jan and the team from Aussie Hero’s presented us all with a laundry bag. 

I very much appreciate your efforts in making these bags – I have already begun using mine! 

You really do make a difference and without the support of people like yourselves, the absences from home would be that much more harder! 

Again, thank you!


Good morning,

Just a quick email to thank you all for your time and effort in all the wonderful laundry bags you made for us on HMAS Canberra.

Your hard work and creativity is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards

Good Morning Hilary,

Thank you for the laundry bag and the nice letter I received inside it. I’m a Petty Officer Aviation Support Sailor on HMAS Canberra. Originally I transferred from the Royal Navy to the Royal Australian Navy after completing 17 years service, I have assisted in training the new Flight Deck Teams for the Canberra Class LHDs and now find myself completing my second year onboard. Currently I have served 5 years in the Australian Navy. Since arriving in Australia I have married

Once again thank you for your the laundry bag and the letter. Best wishes to you and your family and your future sailing adventures. 


Good evening Liz,

I am one of the management team for Australia’s Invictus Games Team who recently received one of the beautiful Laundry Bags produced by AHQ. It has taken me a little while to put pen to paper (so to speak), and for that I offer my sincere apologies, very busy until the Games have concluded I’m afraid.

The laundry bag is a wonderful gift and will be put to good use on the many occasions I find myself ‘on the road’. It’s also of a size whereby it will end up as a regular item when my wife and I travel together. More importantly though is the knowledge that there are members of the Australian public with no existing connection to the Defence Force who care enough about what we do to spend their off hours producing such wonderful gifts for our soldiers, sailor, and airmen. 

Thank you again for the care and time taken to produce such a wonderful and thoughtful piece, something that will certainly evoke good memories at every port of call.

Keep up the amazing work.

Dear Clarissa,

Firstly I would like to personally thank you for the awesome laundry bag that was delivered.  It was perfect!!

I am a Corporal in the Royal Australian Air Force.  My job title is Air Force policeman.  Currently I am serving in the Middle East for 6 months.    My job here on base is to provide a physical security element at the front gate and at the vehicle control point that goes onto our flight line (runway).  I also do off base patrols around the area to ensure there are no bad guys in our perimeter.

So I have been in the Air Force for 4 ½ years now, and have deployed to the Middle East twice, this being my second time.  We are definitely into summer time over here, and the temperature is very hot.  A lot of the time the temperature is around 50 degrees.

I have a keen interest in both soccer and rugby league, I support Liverpool Football Club who are based in England and play in the premier league and in the NRL.  I support the Brisbane Broncos who aren’t going very well this year L

Kind regards,

Hi Clarissa,

Thank you so much for your gifts.  It was great to receive a parcel of such wonderful things, and it was so unexpected and appreciated.  Thank you for your wishes and appreciation of my service.

Although you are winding down from full time work, I think that you have never been busier   I am very pleased that there are people like you that give up some time to send us parcels and sew many quilts and laundry bags.  I do not have a crafty bone in my body, however, my mum loves to bead, and of course, she does sew.  My sister absolutely loves sewing and beading, she often travels a couple of hours into Adelaide to have a ‘sewing day’.  She has heard of Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags, but I don’t know if she sews for them.

My family are very proud of me and would be extremely happy that you have sent me gifts!  I will let them know of how amazing you are.

Once again, thank you, and you have brightened my day immensely

Dear Bridget,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag you made for me.  It took my breath away when I opened the box.  They are wonderful.  I had a bad week and it came just at the right moment.  It made everything so much better and picked me up when I felt pretty low.  Everyone here loved it too.  They were amazed by the detail and quality, I did not expect your gifts to be so wonderful.  Thank you very much!

I have served 21 years in the ADF.  I spent 13 years in the Navy and the last 8 years in the Air Force.  This is my first deployment on operations and I am proud to be a part of the work we are doing here to help make a difference.  I am currently serving at 33SQN, which operates our air to air refueling aircraft.  The Squadron is located at Amberley in Qld.

Thank you for sharing your story with me, I wish you and your family much happiness and love in life.
Thank you for your time and generosity with the gifts you made for me, I will cherish them and can’t wait to get my 2 fur babies lay on the quilt.

Best wishes,

Hi Jean

I just received the laundry bag you made for me, and I wanted to thank you. I am not much of an artistic kind of guy, but I really liked the design of it – I appreciate your efforts.

I have been deployed since April, but so far the experience has been really positive. Except the heat, I haven’t enjoyed that (it gets up to 55 degrees, with lots of humidity). The people that I work with over here are great, and I think that we are representing Australia well with the other coalition nations. I still have a couple of months to go; but I am looking forward to getting back home to Brisbane.

Thanks again Jean, I really appreciate your work with this, and the sentiments in your letter. I hope the remainder of 2018 is good to you and your family.

Kind regards,

Good afternoon,
I have received the lovely washing bag you made.  It’s solid and will last a very long time.
By gifting these bags to HMAS Canberra, myself and some of my collegues of 1st Aviation Regiment, an Army helicopter unit, also got to receive one as we are embarked for a length of time even though not posted to the ship itself.
Appreciate your work. 

Good Morning Helen and Jan-Maree,

I hope this email find you both well.
By way of introduction, I am the proud new owner of one of your handmade laundry bags.

I am so appreciative of your time and effort to not only make and distribute these items, but also the personal touch you have both included in your enclosed letters.  It seems you want to make these items as a thanks for the work we do; however I am indebted to you both and to our nation.  The Navy is a National Enterprise and we rely on all of your support to keep us motivated, particularly when times get tough.  I carry a lot of personal pride in your gesture, so thank you.

You will be pleased to know that my new laundry bag sits proudly in my cabin and adds a lovely dash of colour!  

Keep up your amazing work, your efforts are certainly noticed and definitely pull at the heartstrings.  Everyone deserves to feel appreciated and you are making that happen.

Jan-Maree, I’m sure your sons will find their way in life with an inspirational mother like yourself carrying the lantern high.

Helen, thank you for being so generous with your time and skills.  It’s amazing how much time you’re devoting to others.  Please extend my thanks to the others in your sewing group when you next get together for coffee!

Thank you for your support

Dearest Rose,

Apologies for my delayed response. 

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful quilt you made for me! It was a fantastic surprise opening my package. It’s nice to know people back home are thinking of us over here in the Middle East. So far the deployment has been very rewarding and it’s an experience I’ll never forget! I’ll be returning later in the year to be reunited with my husband and two gorgeous boys.

Thank you again Rose, the quilt is something I’ll treasure forever.

Kindest regards,

Dear Maxi,

Hello to you from sunny, hot, dry and dusty Iraq.

I would like to say hello and thank you and Leesa from your sewing group for my laundry bag and biscuits (yum).
I love my laundry bag, but I am scared to use it because someone may take it.  I would be very upset if I were to lose it.

I have been in the Army for 30 years and I am a Medic, I love my job and I love the fact that I get to look after soldiers.
I like to look after their welfare and make sure people are happy.  Sometimes I forget myself, but that’s ok.

I hope this letter finds you well and happy.

I really miss being able to see green grass, there isn’t any here.
It’s funny what you miss when you are away, it does make you truly appreciate what you have and how good Australia is.

Well I hope I haven’t bored you too much.

Thank you again.
God bless.

Hello Sherrill,

Well writing for an ex-teacher, I had better be in my game with my English in that case!

Thank you so very much for the quilt!  It is truly a work of art, and I feel very privileged to receive such a gift.  It really brightens up my otherwise pretty plain room.

For your first attempt, it is truly excellent work and I have received many comments along the lines that it is really cool, and that they are jealous of my new quilt.
I’m glad that you enjoy doing these as you seem to have the knack for it!

Warming weather isn’t something that I have to worry about at the moment!  The temperature here sits around the high 40’s so I’m not having a winter at all this year.
I have been able to see a bit of the countryside here but most of my time is spent at work.  It doesn’t leave a lot of time for hobbies, but I try and relax by watching some
TV and making use of the recreation facilities here when I can.

Thank you very much for your letter and the beautiful quilt.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Bridget,

First of all, thank you very much for my laundry bag.  I am completely over the moon with it, you have done a fantastic job, I love it.  I am very proud to hear that there is a community of Australians providing time out of their day to craft laundry bags and blankets for our service personnel.  The smiles and reactions I have witnessed from my mates over here when they first viewed their gift has been priceless.  I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to make these gifts and let them know that they are all very much appreciated and a very lovely gesture.

Thank you for deciding to become a member of Aussie Hero Quilts.  Like I said before, the guys over here get great pleasure out of receiving their quilt/laundry bag.  It really brightens up our day.  I have always been a little interested in sewing too, but don’t think I could sew a quilt just yet.  I attempted to help my wife with the little odd jobs we did for our wedding, but I was only so helpful.

I have been in the Army for six years now and I’ve been very lucky to have made it over here for my first deployment.  I’m really enjoying the trip, but I miss home a lot.  

Once again, thank you very much for the laundry bag Bridget.  I am extremely happy with it and I will continue to use it after my deployment.


Dear Suzanne,
Thank you so much for the laundry bag, it’s beautiful. Also thank you for the sugary goodies!
I am currently deployed on Op Manitou, and am about halfway through my time here. I have been in the Navy for almost 8 years and work in Admin and Payroll.
I am getting married next year and am very much looking forward to that!
Thanks again


Hi Suzanne,
Thank you very much for the laundry bag you made, it is fantastic. Believe it or not,  my bike is even the same colour as the picture you used. You have done so well, it is almost too good for dirty laundry!
Our deployment group have been away from home for quite awhile now, but we are well past half way and looking forward to going home.
Our work has been going well in the Middle East, we are a moderate sized logistic element, that provide support to all of the deployed groups.
Thanks again for the Laundry bag, it was also great to learn a little of you and your family.
All the best for the remainder of 2018.

Good morning Gail,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful quilt you have created for me, it has brought some much needed colour to my room and something that I will cherish for many years to come. The work that everybody involved with Aussie Hero Quilts is something that is greatly appreciated by all of us in the military.

I would also like to thank you for the service that your father provided to all of us during his dedicated service in WW2. I know you and your family would be proud of him along with all those that served along side him during his service. The service our men and women gave to our country helped to pave the way for us today and it is an achievement that will never be forgotten.

Dear Ann, I trust you are well; by way of introduction, I am an extremely happy and lucky recipient of the Aussie Hero Quilt and Laundry Bag you so kindly made.

There is only one word to describe them AMAZING!

I have served 35 years in the Army; split 24 British and 11 Australian, that said, I have never received something so special; THANK YOU!!

Please pass on my very best wishes and regards to your family; in particular you Dad a WW2 Vet and your 5 grandchildren (they may like the photo of me and Cobber the Sydney Games Mascot).

In closing, your support and hard work with Aussie Hero Quilts is greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for the quilt that you made for me. It has
recently arrived safely in Afghanistan and will be used by me for the last
month that I am here. Timely really as it is starting to cool down overnight
here - I grew up in North Queensland and always try and remain in the tropics
so the dry/low humid air here - coupled with it now cooling down is not ideal
for me. The quilt will definitely help.

I hope you have a fulfilling retirement and I thank you for using some of that time to help us out and help
recognise the service of soldiers, sailors and airmen who are over here. Very
selfless of you.

I mentioned to Jan-Maree Ball in a separate email that some
of your organisation's quilts are used on the wards and others are displayed on
the walls of the foyer of the NATO Hospital here - a homely touch for some of
the wounded, injured or ill patients.

Thanks again and good luck to you and your family.

Kind regards,


Hello Clarissa,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have just come into my shift tonight and been the fortunate and very excited recipient of the amazing laundry bag you have made and sent over to me. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the time, effort and care put into this.
Something so simple can still have such a positive impact here while being away from family and friends, so again I say thank you!
The effort of all the ladies put into to the quilts and laundry bags to deployed members is greatly appreciated and definitely gives a sense of pride, knowing that there are people back home, outside of family, that are thinking of us, contributing to Australia’s efforts overseas.

I myself have quite the busy family, being the middle child of 7 siblings, one brother and 5 sisters, with many nieces and nephews from the older ones. Getting around Australia to visit them all is definitely a busy task but no matter how much effort it takes, its always worth while when getting to sit around and have great catch ups with your family!
I am engaged to my partner, wedding planned for early next year, and we have a little Australian Shepherd, who has far too much energy, but life wouldn’t be the same without him.

We are all counting down the days to returning home in the near future and look forward to spending some quality time with friends and family.

Again, I thank you for the amazing effort you and the other ladies of Aussie Hero Quilts.

Take care.

That is it for message today and weren’t there some great ones.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for this year’s  Thank You Dinner. We would love to see you there. 

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