Grati-Tuesday 13th June 2023

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13 June 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Some great photo’s this week of very happy laundry bag recipients!!!
It is very humbling to know that they make such a difference.
Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!
Hello Wendy V,

I just want to say thank you so much for the laundry bag. I’m currently on exercise for 3 months.
Today I especially felt the sadness of being away from home. Your laundry bag makes me feel loved and very special.
Thanks again Wendy


Dear Amy K,


Thank you firstly so much for my laundry bag and goodies! It is everything and more for that I could have wished for. I really appreciate the organisation and the volunteers at Aussie Hero Quilts .


I absolutely love the coffee! Definitely value my brew every morning!


My role in the Navy is an Assistant Maritime Logistics Officer. I am responsible for the provision of logistic support including but not limited to: personnel, and manage supply chain systems, finance, logistic planning, catering and food services and port visit planning. I help oversee a department of 30 sailors with the Deputy and Maritime Logistics Officer. One of my favourite parts of this job is definitely the people management. I am currently deployed on my Ship we have had a few Port Visits and return in a few months which I am excited to go back home to my current home.


Before the Navy I grew up in a small town in Far North Queensland. It is really beautiful up there – I try visit my family as much as I can! After Finishing high school in FNQ. I moved to Brisbane to study. From there in my second year of University I joined the ADF through there Undergraduate Officer Entry scheme. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in service. It is nice to know that I am contributing to something bigger than just me.


Again, thanking you so much for my laundry bag – it looks great in my cabin!


I hope you are well. Stay safe and happy…


Good morning Aussie Hero Quilts team,
We have just arrived on exercise and picked up a laundry bag each. Just want to say thank you and we really appreciate what your organisation is doing! 
Please enjoy this photo of how happy we are with our new laundry bags! 

Hi Bridget R, 

Thank you very much for the quilt that you made for me.

It has arrived safely. 

Words cannot express the emotions I have experienced except by saying I am very much blown away. 

Thank you for your letter that accompanied the quilt . Knowing a little about the person who spent many precious hours making this quilt for me makes it even more special. 

With kind regards,

Hi Janice L, 
I would just like to say thank you very much for your kind gift. I was in need of a laundry bag out here and the Chaplin kindly allowed me to choose one. As soon as I seen the route 66 picture I had to have it. 
A bit about myself then, I’m actually Scottish and I have only been in the Australian Army for just under 2 years. Although previously I served in the British Army for 30 years travelling around the globe. I used to work in a school as a Mathematics teacher however I was driven back into the Military. My wife and 2 sons have joined me in Australia and love the country very much. I’m currently doing jungle training and your laundry bag gets put to good use when I come back in from the Jungle. 
Yet again thank you very much for your gift, I will endeavour to take care of it. I hope this email reaches you. 
Kind Regards 

Hi Bev U,
I absolutely love the laundry bag. This is my 4th I have received over the duration of my career. I am also an indigenous soldier and it gets me excited when I see the artwork included on the bags.
The fact that you do this as volunteer work shows how much you enjoy putting smiles on peoples faces. You create joy out of nothing and I appreciate it tremendously.
Thank you so much.


Hi Jenny D (and the Garage Girls Team),

I received my quilt yesterday and I just wanted to reach back and thank you all so much for making such a beautiful quilt for me.

The colour and design are perfect and exactly what I asked for.

On behalf of all veterans I thank you for all the hard work and love you put into everything you do.

We really appreciate it!

Jan-Maree B,


Firstly, thank you so much for the lovely Quilt that you sent to me. I collected my Quilt and I am still feeling very privileged to receive it. 


It is perfect, and I sincerely thank you.

 for the brilliant work you have honoured me with by giving me a Quilt that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  


Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!





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