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13 December 2022

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week.  
Managed to get my dining room table back but alas no Christmas Tree up yet. I did put one up at work a few weeks ago so that will have to suffice until I can get into the garage and find my tree and decorations.  Will finally get to use the awesome Aussie inspired ornaments I found when we visited the Arboretum during the AHQ thank you weekend in Canberra.
Speaking of Aussie inspired things, check out Ann S’s quilt and all the great thank you letters. 
So grab a cuppa or nice cool beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Dear Cath H,

Thank you for taking the time to make the quilt and share your story. The quilt has a lovely home on our lounge room sofa and is used almost daily by our boys.

I joined the Army 18 years ago and so far have had 2 postings each in Sydney, Brisbane, the ACT and 1 in Wagga Wagga. I have been posted to a variety of units including Infantry, Medical, Recruit Training, Special Operations and Ceremonial. 

I met my wife in 2012 during my posting in Brisbane and we got married in 2014. The year we got married I was deployed to Iraq for 7 months. We enjoyed our honeymoon in Italy during my 2 weeks off whilst deployed. I have been overseas for work three times since we married in addition to a number of local postings and exercises.

Both the boys love spiderman! We spend hours on the couch  watching spiderman and it been an activity that the whole family enjoys. It’s has been a great way to bond with the children after spending time away from them. So it’s fair to say that they both love the spiderman quilt very much!

Afternoon Ann S,
I just want to say a massive thank you for my quilt! I do apologise for the late thank you. It’s been a very hectic year and only just got it today! I absolutely love the quilt. It means a lot. It was very nice reading about your grandchildren. You must be an extremely proud grandparent! I hope everything is going well for you and you’re continuing to do this amazing work. Once again I just want to say a massive thank you, receiving these for any service person puts a smile on our faces. 


Dear Jan-Maree,


I write to express my thanks to you and all the members of Aussie Hero Quilts who made laundry bags for serving soldiers here at 1 Brigade in Darwin. 


Your efforts are very much appreciated. I recently handed out to the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment about 70 Aussie Hero Laundry bags to members who had assisted with domestic operations. 


It was a Thursday afternoon parade after sports and the gift of laundry bags were a huge hit at the close of a serving year. I also distributed some bags to some long standing orderly room clerks in my unit who don’t always ‘go out the door’ but offer a lot of assistance to those who do.

Hi Sue N, 

I wanted to say thank you for my beautiful quilt!

I can’t tell you how touched I was to receive it, it is me on a quilt!!!Your creativity is amazing! You are a true artist 🥰

I gave a list of my Favorite things for you to have carte blanche’ and, unexpectedly you included EVERYTHING! I can’t tell my surprise! I’m just thrilled with it, it is just so very special 💐 

Thank you 

Good morning Sue, 

I received my quilt from you (plus other goodies) this morning. Oh my goodness I have been blown away by it and how you have captured the elements that I asked for. It is already become a treasured possession and I am so grateful. Your workmanship is amazing and the hours and love put into it is so evident.

You and I are a similar age and I have three daughters and one granddaughter. Interestingly before I was moved to the Peninsula and then was posted to Sydney I built and lived in a house in Doreen for 7 years so we lived near to each other probably all that time. I used to belong to the Nanna’s group that met at the Mernda pub every Tuesday as I love craft (mainly knitting and crochet). I did make one quilt at a course once many years ago and haven’t done it again as it was very tricky even though I was a competent sewer of clothes, so I understand in a small way the work that has gone into my quilt.

We are just in the last few days of our deployment after being away well over three months and the whole crew is looking forward to getting home. It has been a privilege for me to be the Chaplain for this Ship’s company and I’ve had the added bonus of getting to visit countries like Philippines, Japan and Singapore along the way.

I’ve been in the Navy only 5 years and never for a moment imagined I’d be spending the latter years of my working life doing such things.
Again so many thanks for the gift of the quilt and the heart that made and sent it. Your heart to serve in this way is equal to my heart to serve in mine.

Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.
Grace and Peace

Dear Bridget R,


I was most fortunate to be presented an Aussie Hero Quilt on Sat evening. Not only was this presentation a complete surprise, it was extra special as it was specifically designed for me personally to reflect my service in both the British & Australian Army. I understand you led on this particular Quilt; it’s tremendous, and the story in relays is priceless. Thank you doesn’t really ‘cut-it’, but nonetheless, thank you.


This is the second Aussie Hero Quilt I have, the other was made for me when I served in the Sinai a few years ago; that one is on my daughters bed, this new one will go on my other daughters bed; she is joining the RAN early next yr, and she plans to take it with her. I hope one day she will be in a position to earn an Aussie Hero Quilt herself; and I can have mine back again !!!


I did read the story of how Aussie Hero Quilts came about again, its still fascinating. I’m also aware how important these quilts & laundry bags are to those serving overseas. They are envied by our coalition friends also. I do recall having another quilt made in Sinai so it could be raffled; the funds were sent to Jan-Maree as a ‘donation’. It was won by a Columbian Soldier who was so pleased at having a memory of Sinai and of course Australia.


The work you and your team do is appreciated, and I’d hope responses reflect that. Don’t underestimate the importance of your work to our serving soldiers specifically, but there families & friends also.


Keep up the good work and let me wish you, your family, the Aussie Hero Quilt team the very best of wishes from my family over this festive season, and all the very best for 2023.



Good afternoon Anne H,

 I just received the Laundry Bag you sewed for me and am absolutely chuffed!! Even as a “non-sewing individual” I can see a lot of work has gone into it and am very grateful so many thanks for this!!

Unfortunately the LB arrived just after HMAS Anzac returned from our last deployment but it will most certainly get some use on the next deployment I am on. It will also get some use when I go out on the Mountain Bike tracks as there are times I am representing Defence in various races which go for several days in a row (thus generating a lot of laundry).

The colours are perfect but I particularly like the Australian Flag sewed into the top where the draw string is. And you are correct in that Mountain Bike riding does involve a lot of dirt, dust and mud (but mostly dust in WA!!) so the colour brown suits it perfectly. I am very keen to try the tracks on Mount Wellington that you speak of, but will be eager not to add any additional scars like your son did. Having said that, I’m approaching 50 years old now where my ‘self-preservation’ on the trails seem to kick in a lot more than what it did 15 years ago; meaning I’m a bit more careful not to fall off these days!!

It’s funny that you say you just came back from a holiday in Malaysia as Kuala Lumpa was one of the places Anzac visited on our recent deployment. I thoroughly enjoyed Malaysia but can imagine the climate change was somewhat a ‘shock to the system’ for you upon returning to Hobart. I did live in Hobart as a child for a couple of years (during the early 80s) of which one of the main things I recall is the ‘fresh’ climate.

For me I’ve been in the Navy nearly 28 years and will probably make up my mind as to whether I like it or not over the next five or so years (just jokes, it is good fun!!). I have been posted all around the country which suits my wife and I as it’s an adventure every time we move (no postings to Tasmania though). We moved to West Australia from Melbourne in 2014 with every intention to move back to the eastern states, however, very much like the ‘laid back’ WA lifestyle and have decided to stay and have been here ever since. Our two children are at University and still living at home with no exit date set as of yet……..

Once again Anne, very many thanks for sewing the LB for me. About half the ships company has a LB made for them which highlights their interests, of which this one is of no exception. Attached is a photo displaying the prominent position the LB has been placed in my cabin!!

Warm Regards,



G’day Anne H,


I am currently posted to 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, up in Darwin. Well that is until the end of the week when I will be posted to WA, so had a fair bit to do with getting our members all around the country to help out where needed.

I have been married to my wife for 29 glorious years and counting, and we have four adult children, and four Grandchildren. I look after the units finances and resources, which can be interesting – trying to balance the books and make all things happen as much as we can.


I picked one of your laundry bags, and will ensure that I will put it to great use next year, as it is currently packed into a box for the removalist’s later this week. I better say that even though I did not deploy on any of our local emergencies (COVID, Fires, Floods), I have had two deployments in my time to East Timor and Solomon Islands.


I have been in the Army since 1985 just after leaving school in WA, and have been posted to most states and territories in Australia, just missing out on SA and Tas. However, we (my family and I) have driven through SA a few times, and visited Hobart for a weeks holiday. I do recall when we were in Hobart it was May, and when we went up Mt Wellington it was starting to snow, and my wife did not leave the car (with the thought that she could be blown away). 


These items that you make and give to the Services are very much appreciated and on behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you, as there is a lot of time that gets put into making these. My mum used to be a dressmaker back in the 50’s (making her own wedding dress).


Here’s all the best for you and your family over the festive season and have a wonderful new year (and many more).


Thank you


Good afternoon Jan-Maree, 
I would like to thank you for the laundry bag that you made, I chose the one with the dinosaurs on it. 
It is such a nice thing to do for people and especially when being away from home during the Christmas period and not being able to spend it with my wife and kids. 
We are happy  to know that we are thought of by others apart from family and not just a number so to speak. 
I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New year. 
Kind regards,

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  


Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!




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