Grati-Tuesday 10th November 2020

Written by AHQ

11 November 2020

Hey friends,

In the spirit of gratitude, we are sharing our grati-post today but first, today, I went along to a very small Remembrance Day locally.

 It is always a priveledge to be able to step out with the sole intention of thinking about those who gave their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice, but also, those who have given much of their lives, at great cost, and hopefully in doing so, it shows in just a small way how it is greatly appreciated, and respected. I hope you too had the chance to stop in reflection today, but if you haven’t, can I suggest a moment to reach out to a friend with a call, message or pop in. 

We Will Remember Them.



Good Morning Keryn and Ruth S,
I wish to thank you and your team for the amazing work you do for our serving members.
As I have a passion for history, particularly Napleonic and Medieval, the chance to have a 19th Century British Rifleman on a laundry bag couldn’t be missed. 
As my first 5 years in the Army, was as a Rifleman, it’s quite special.



Dear Lyn,
Thank you very much for the quilt that you made. It was just how I imagined and I absolutely love it! I use it on my days off to rug up and read a book. Sounds strange since it’s hot here but it makes me feel at home.
We are safe enough from COVID-19 here; we are confined to the base and apart from flying for work we are not able to take R&R in town. There is enough work to keep us busy though. These are unprecedented times and I understand we need to just accept times are different.
I have been in the Air Force for 2.5 years and have been fortunate to have seen a lot in my time and have done far more than average 21 year old. I was posted to South Australia and now New South Wales. I have been privileged enough to be chosen to work in Asia for a month. The opportunity to work with multiple international defence forces at such a young age is something I will take with me forever. I’ve had the honour of working with AsiaPac and Europe. I love my job and working in Operations is by far the most rewarding thing to me. I have always dreamt of serving and it is such a surreal feeling being in the Middle East so early in my career. 
Thank you again for my quilt. I appreciate it so much and I will cherish it forever. I hope you and your family have a safe end of year and hoping 2021 is kinder to the world.
Best Wishes.


Dear Bridget,
Thank you so very much for the beautiful Quilt! I absolutely love and appreciate all the work you put into it. It is perfect and definitely does the job brightening up my little bed.
A little bit about me; I’m 24 years old and joined the Air Force in 2015. I graduated as an Aeronautical Life Support Fitter and posted to New South Wales. I’ve deployed to the Middle East three times now in the last two and a half years I am very lucky to be able to contribute and be apart of it all. 
My job consists of maintaining and repairing Aircrew and Aircraft Life Support equipment such as helmets, masks and harnesses. As I work on very versatile cargo plane we do have to fix seats and other items that can be repaired with a sewing machine. Like you, I sew at home as well as at work so I know how much work and love you all must put into each and every one of these quilts.
I’ve waited a long time to ask for a quilt as I’ve always wanted to make sure I was worthy of one. I’ve seen plenty of people showing off their quilts and how much joy it brings to them! So i thought why not brighten my deployment with something as special as this and after three times to the sand pit I thought ‘hey why not’ I think it’s time!
I really really hope you know how much we all appreciate everything Aussie Hero Quilts do for us.
So if you were wondering why I requested succulents and cactus. We’ll I’m a massive gardener and have over 100 indoor plants and lots of succulents in my outdoor garden! I’m praying that they are all alive when I get home haha!
I also have a greyhound who’s not too keen on sharing the love with another puppy.
Thank you again!


Hi Lyn,
I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for my beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it, and will cherish it forever.
A little about me;  I am 25 years old, no partner and no children. I have 3 sisters that I am very close with and my eldest sister has 4 children, blessing me with 4 beautiful nephews. I love them as if they are my own and have photos of them over here to keep me feeling close to home.
I joined the Army in 2018 as a Combat Support Clerk (Admin) and I love it. I love that I get to do administration work, but also get to do the fun things that come along with the Army such as weapons, fitness etc.
I grew up in NSW. It is such a beautiful place and was a wonderful area to grow up. I spent a lot of my childhood at the beach and absolutely love going home to visit my family.
I now live in Northern Territory, which I liked for a while but I am definitely ready to move along. My next posting will be Queensland or New South Wales which is really exciting!
I loved reading about you and your family, and I send lots of love and wishes your way!
I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to put these quilts together, I feel so lucky to have received such a beautiful quilt and have something to keep forever to remind me of this Deployment.
One day, when I have children, I will pass down the quilt and tell them the story of the lovely lady named Lyn that made it for me.
I hope for the best for you and your family and wish you all lots of love and happiness!


Dear Bridget,
Thank you for the amazing hero quilt, it arrived today with my other mail. We do not get regular mail from home and will only get mail twice in the 6 and a half months that I am overseas. So I was very overwhelmed to receive 13 parcels from my family and the hero quilt. This is my 4th tour but only my first quilt as I deployed in 3 consecutive years in the mid 2000’s.
The quilt would have taken a great deal of time to produce, thank you.
As my deployment will span over Christmas and into the New Year with the limited mail service, my wife has sent both Father’s Day and Christmas presents to me. They also arrived today. My wife insisted that I open the parcels over a video call so she could tell me which ones had to wait until Christmas. Your parcel was opened, so I consider it either a late Father’s Day parcel or an early Christmas present. My two children thought that you had done a wonderful job on the quilt and I agree.
I think that many Australians only remember the Soldiers, Sailor and Airmen of the Defence Force on ANZAC Day. So thank you for remembering that there is still Service Men and Women away from their families for long periods of time representing Australia.
Kind Regards.


Good Morning Clarissa,
First of all, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for that gorgeous creation you made for me. I just went to the Post Officer here on Camp to get some paperwork signed and the man at the counter told me to wait as he had a package for me. I was confused as I had only ordered a few supplies for myself online a few days prior and I thought it was crazy how fast it would have arrived. He handed me the package and I saw the words ‘Aussie Hero Quilts’ on the back. I raced back to my room eager to open it up, to where emerged the most BEAUTIFUL, thoughtful and precious gift. I instantly teared up.
These past few weeks have been difficult to adjust from being away from my fiance, family and, of course, my three dogs and working dogs. This gift just reminded me that what I am doing is not easy, however, so worth it.
I have been in the Defence Force for only a short amount of time, enlisting in 2017. I completed my training in 2018 to become a Military Working Dog Handler. My working dog has his 4th Birthday the week I arrived in Country. He is absolutely beautiful.
Additionally, to my working dog, I come home each day to my three babies. No not babies, but fur babies. My eldest is a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Labrador. Then a 4 year old Black Labrador, and a 3 year old Labrador X Kelpie. So as you can probably tell. I’m definitely having a case of dog withdrawals!
Thank you for your letter as well, it was great reading about your life.
I think once I am able to retire my working dog when his time comes (I think he still has another 5 or so years to go yet) I will look at going into Guide Dog training as a new career path. As much as I love my job now, I think training up assistance or guide dogs would be the most rewarding career.
Anyway I will let you go, I just wanted to get in touch with you and tell you how much I love and appreciate your creation and thank you for spending your limited time in doing things like this for defence personnel. You might not realise, but it makes such a positive impact on us.
Have an amazing Christmas and New Year as well.
Thank you.


Good Morning Ruth and Janet,
My apologies for the lateness of reply to you. I hope you have been well during these difficult covid times. 
Thank you very much for my St Kilda laundry bag and quilt, absolutely love it, the best team ever. 
I hope you didn’t break too many needles making my laundry bag. I am originally from Tasmania. I have a daughter and my partner has a daughter and son. We have one granddaughter, who I haven’t seen for 10 months. My partner AKA the Sheriff is heading back to Tasmania for our granddaughter’s 1st birthday. 
Things have been difficult lately due to COVID.
Yours sincerely,


Hi Janet and Jan-Marie,
I am speechless at receiving my beautiful quilt. It is amazing and I cannot say thank you enough. 
I picked it up this morning and opened it at work. My staff say it is beautiful and we have it on one of our beds in recovery to display it.
I cannot say how happy and grateful I am. I was in tears to receive something that has taken so much work and love to make.
Please accept my heartfelt thank you. I will treasure it.
Lots of love.


My sincerest apologies, we received the quilt a few weeks ago. Somehow life has got away from me and I forgot to reply. 
It is beautiful and we are so appreciative. I have a letter in progress for the quilter as her heart is on the quilt..
Thank you very much.


Dear Gail,
I am onboard HMAS Childers, and I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for the amazing quilt that you have made for me!
I’ve just reached 10 years in the Navy and this is the first time I have received an item like this! Thank you so much for all your work and the work from the other volunteers in Aussie Hero Quilts group.
We have been receiving a number of quilts for a few weeks now and have been opening them up on the bridge. We have all been very impressed with the work so far!
I’ve been posted here since 2019 and have been enjoying the Northern Territory weather for the most part! I grew up in Tasmania (so I’m used to the cold).
I have two brothers who are also both in the Defence Force. One in the Navy and one in the Army. With all three of us in the Northern Territory, however we all keep in regular contact with Mum in Tasmania. She was amazed when I showed her the quilt that you made.
These simple gestures from you and others like you help keep us and our families going so thank you.
Fair winds and following seas.


Good Morning Heather,
My husband just received the lovely quilt that you made him. He is very honoured and chuffed. 
Have a lovely weekend and all the very best.
Thank you so very much.


Dear Clarissa,
First of all I just want to say thank you for using your own time to produce me a great laundry bag. Unfortunately, I am unable to send you a picture due to operational reasons.
A little about myself; I joined the military when I was 17, and am now 33. Deployed overseas nearly half the amount I have been enlisted.
I have a lovely wife who is a teacher, and an 8 year old son. They have done it tougher than me I believe.
Again thank you very much for the laundry bag.
It did put a smile on my face when I received it.



Thanks so much guys!
Love it, thank you again.
Kindest Regards


Hi Clarissa,

I was so pleased to receive the awesome laundry bag from you. I really appreciate how you designed including all the things I’d requested, and still managed to add the poppies on the back.

All the boys have admired it, and commented when I first bought it into the laundry. This is my 4th deployment and the first time that I’ve requested anything as I’ve always been either way out in the jungles of Africa, with not great postal service, or just way to busy.

Thank you so much for the letter telling me about yourself. A little about me; I’m a big rugby fan whilst my wife is more into rugby league. Your parcel, if you weren’t aware hard to wait in the staging base until a C130 bought the NZ team across so when it finally arrived, it came with a stack of other mail. It was funny, as my haul was 34kg worth in 17 boxes, yours being just one of them so they all had been sitting there for some time. My plan is to open them slowly over the next 3-4 weeks and put aside items for our Christmas celebrations to share with the guys. I think that will be the toughest day of the whole trip, where we’ll all miss the families back home, but also gain our resolve and strength from. 

We have a secret Santa all planned which should be amusing, and will decorate our area to brighten the place up. So a bit about me, I’ve served for 28 years as have my 3 brothers. My wife only discharged after 26 years this year, and now works supporting veterans in other ways. 

We have two mascots in camp in the form of dogs. They are both great company and also keep the boys busy as they are a great distraction from the day to day work that goes on here. They are both local dogs, who have been rescued from one of the remote sites. One of them always escapes, and we know to find him down at the working dog compound which is very handy as we don’t have to go searching. So it’s great having them with us, I only wish we could have had these companion dogs on my other more mentally challenging deployments.

So again, thank you very much for the lovely laundry bag, I’ll use it with your kindness in mind.



Let me start by thanking you sincerely from my heart. You do a wonderful job in bringing a little colour to our world in more ways than one.
I have read your letter and I appreciate your efforts.
As you are aware, I am deployed as part of the Multinational Force and Observers, (MFO). There are approx 30 Australian Defence members here at any given time, and we have been apart of that mission since 1992. Things will be different here at the moment with COVID, as it is all around the world. We are confined to the base, and will be here for just over 6 months without a break.
I have been in the Army now for 30+ years and have been deployed 8 times now to places such as Middle East and Asia. I worked out that out of the 30 years on, 10% has been on deployment. I have been blessed to know your organisation for many years. 
I have known Jan-Maree now also for many years and call her a good friend. I love what she has founded and to see the joy on so many young soldiers, sailors and airmen’s faces when a package arrives, and out of the box come a gift of many colours and will undoubtedly provide many memories of when and where they received it. 
“We make a living by what we get. We make a life, by what we give” – Winston S. Churchill

I trust from this quote you have a wonderful life, and continue the rest of it in good health and happy families. Please stay safe in these troubling times and have a wonderful Christmas.
Yours Sincerely and with many Kind Regards.

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