This is a bit of a general business post.  I hope you will bear with me.  It isn’t the most exciting of posts but it makes life easier to get the message out there and I will sweeten it with a couple of thank you messages.

There are now well over a hundred ladies sewing for Aussie Heroes.   We are structured to enable to people to contribute in whatever way they are comfortable but that means that everyone is doing things a little differently.  That is absolutely fine and it works well but now that there are so many of you it is hard for me to remember who likes to do what so I need your help.
Laundry Bags
From now on if you take on a request can you please tell me if you are not sending a laundry bag with a quilt.  That will save me from having to double check with each request that I hand out.  If you can’t send a laundry bag that is no problem as I can allocate it to someone else but i need to know.  I would hate to have someone requesting a laundry bag with their quilt only to find that none arrives.  Often they would be too polite to point out the omission.  So, just please let me know if you are making a quilt only – and if you are happy to do both if you can let me know.  That would be great!

Send an update please

We have a huge number of requests underway at the moment and you know that we allow around 4 weeks for completion unless otherwise stated.  If possible, to save me emailing each of you individually to check where you are up to, can you please send me a quick update tomorrow or over the weekend.  I have found in the past that sometimes people are struggling to complete a quilt or laundry bag as something has happened in their life and they have not wanted to let us down so they have struggled on.  There is no need to do that.  I can always work something out if that situation arises as long as you let me know.

Hillary made a very generous offer to send labels to anyone who sent her a stamped self- address envelope and to make it easier for you to find her information it has now been added the Quilt Specifics Page and also the Intro to Aussie Heroes Page.

Quilts of the Week 
It is going to be another good week of quilts and laundry bags heading off again.  Here is the same reminder I issue every Thursday – if you have sent a quilt or a laundry bag of this week then please send me a pictures.  The following ladies have sent me pictures of quilts and laundry bags that have hit the mail this week.
Lorraine, Louise, Rae, Cat, Kaye, Hillary, Liz, Melissa, Michelle, Miranda, Nancy, Paula, Stephanie, Sue S
If you are NOT on that list and have sent off a quilt or laundry bag can you please send me an email, preferably with a photo, and preferably sooner rather than later.  And if you have already emailed me and sent a picture and you are not on the list – please remind me.

If for some reason you can’t send a picture through this week then that is okay – just send it when you can but please don’t forget.  Anyone who needs help taking photos in Canberra please let me know.
A thank you message
This one is for me…

My name is XXXXX and I am onboard HMAS Anzac in the MEAO at the moment. I was fortunate enough to receive one of your handmade laundry bags recently. I would like to say thank you not only for the excellent bag (which certainly puts my very old one to shame!), but also for taking the time out of your day to provide these items for ship’s away. Our Chaplain has told us that you used to be in the Navy, so I’m sure you know only too well how something new and from the outside world can make your day and break the monotony of sea life! The bags are certainly a hit onboard.  
And then in the mail I received this today and it quite made my day!

Dear Jan-Maree,
We wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful care and generosity provided by the Aussie Hero Quilts that you sent.  The craftsmanship and obvious care taken in making these are amazing .  To know that we have the love and support of you and your fellow quilters brings a smile to our faces.  It is starting to get quite cool here in the evenings so the quilts are definitely being put to use.  The designs and materials are a real morale boost here too.   Thank you so much for thinking of us.  Please know we are thinking of you all at home too.

This came from two young ladies and a fellow.  We have heard from all of them separately but one of these young ladies has emailed me a few times and it is obvious that she really does appreciate and understand what we are trying to do.  The card might have been addressed to me but the thanks, as it says in the text to know that they have the love and support of all of us really matters to them.  What more could we ask for!

Now, every post needs a few pictures and not just one I think and I don’t have anything new for tonight so I thought I might show some from the past. 

How about a few of our past BOM (block of the month quilts)
starting way back in February with the classic nine patch.





The last three have not been completely finished yet and therefore are yet to be sent off but all the others have gone off to new owners.  I think these are the special quilts as so many of our sewers have a hand in them.  Well done everyone.

I am really looking forward to seeing what quilts come out of this month’s and next month’s BOMs.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!