This week’s Friends of the Day is actually a Mother/Daughter Duo and an especially nice one at that.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them as little more as I have.  
Over to you, Angela and Amy.
Note – they didn’t know I was going to include this photo which shows them celebrating Christmas at the British Club in Bangkok.
Who are you and where do you live – if not in a house in suburbia please share some more info – farm etc. 
My name is Angela George and my daughter is Amy. We live on the north side of Brisbane on 1 ½ acres with my husband, son (nearly18), Barney the dog, Felix the cockatiel and 4 chooks.

We have lots of birds, possums and koala’s living with us too.

We love where we live. Close enough to the city and major shopping centre’s but far enough away to have some real peace and quite.
What is your occupation?
My husband and I own, and have run our business for nearly 10 years. We started out in our study at home, as the business grew, we built a cabin beside our house for the office. But then moved everything to commercial premises in Dec 2011.

The cabin has now become my space for quilting and me time. I don’t ever have to leave because it has an en-suite, air con, kitchenette and a sofa bed. I am very lucky.
I love sharing this space with Amy when she comes to help me or make her own laundry bags or quilts.
Amy has just finished Year 10 and is currently enjoying holidays.

How far to the local shops and how far to the nearest quilt shop?
Our local shops are only a few minutes drive away with the nearest quilt shop, Quilt Essentials, about 10 minutes drive, 20 minutes to East Coast Fabrics and 25 minutes to Spotlight.
Favorite online fabric shop?
Well…where do I start! J Hancocks of Paducah, Keepsake Quilting and Fat Quarter Shop just to name a few.
Favorite local quilt shop?
Every one I visit!
Where you got your last fabric bargain (and what it was)
Traveling in the US in October I found many bargain’s including a remnant that will be perfect for a backing for AHQ, rusty colored gecko’s on a stony background.
Cost $10 for 3m.
Whether you machine or hand sew binding.
I love to hand sew the binding on the quilts. Apart from lifting the quilt from the floor once it has been pinned, this is my favorite thing to do on a quilt. I think it adds the final personal touch.
How long have you been sewing for AHQ and how did you find out about us?
I found AHQ in July. Not sure how I stumbled onto it, I think via another blog. I have been making quite a few laundry bags and a couple of quilts. Next year I hope to make more of a contribution.
Amy has made about 10 bags to date and is very very keen to make a quilt. We will get some patterns and fabric together over Christmas and make a start soon.
It will be really great for us to make one together.
Do you have any connection to the services?
Not directly. My father was in the Air Force when he was really young as too my grandfather.
My husband is a member of the Qld branch of the Defence Reserves Support Council who supports Reservists and their Employers.
Why do you sew for AHQ
 Not for the recognition, not for the thanks, but simply for the giving.
For Amy, it’s because she admires what our troops are doing for all Australians and it is her way of saying “Thanks”

My hint:

If you’re not sure if the lay out of your blocks is right, use a camera or phone to take a picture, or even a peep hole from a door to look at the quilt. If that doesn’t help, ask your husband. I have many times. He looks at the quilt differently to me and can usually pin point what looks out of place.

  I just found out today that poor Amy is suffering from a major head cold!  No fun!  Especially during the holidays.  Get well soon Amy!  MWAH!

These are just some of the cool laundry bags that Angela and Amy have made over the last 12 months.

Thanks for sharing Angela and Amy.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!