This week I’d like to introduce you to South Australia’s very own Julie-Ann…..waves at Julie-Ann!

Who are you?
My name is Julie-Ann and I live in Adelaide, SA. I have lived here for nearly 13 years. Before that we were in Broken Hill, mining town in NSW. Where I was born, raised, married and had my two children.
What is your occupation?
My primary occupation is as carer to my husband of 33 years, who has had MS for the past 17 years, he is wheelchair-bound. I also am a Check-out Chook for Coles Supermarket; one to two shifts per week (gets me out of the house).

How far to local shops and quilting shops?
Local shops are within ten minute drive (who walks anywhere, not me LOL). Nearest quilting shop is Spotlight, well two actually, about 15-20 minute drive.
Lincraft is nearer but only use if I run out of thread.
Favourite online quilt shop?
Probably Keepsake quilting US and Missouri Star Quilt Daily Deal.

Favourite local quilt shop?
Fabric mainly from Spotlight, can’t afford the exclusive shops.
Where you got last fabric bargain?
I like to scour the Op shops; I have 5 within 2 kms from home. Since starting sewing for AHQ, I have bought sheets to make liners for LB’s, really cheap. Also I look for animated quilt covers. But the best bargain I got was from Goodwill. It was a bolt of shirt fabric, which I got for $20. Up to date I have probably cut about 45 liners and probably only used 1/3.

Whether you machine or hand stitch binding?
I would normally hand sew, but the quilts I have made for AHQ I have machined. Only because I think the quilts will be handled harder than normal.
How long have been sewing for AHQ?
I had to go back to my photos, and was surprised to learn that the first laundry bags were done in July. I feel as if I have contributing longer, but then time flys when you are having so much fun.
How did you find out about us?
I read an article in an Australian quilting magazine. It was a small article pertaining to two Aussie women who were trying to supply quilts to overseas troops. I e-mail both, but only Jan-Maree contacted me. And so the journey began.
Do you have any connection to the services?
My Dad is a WW2 Veteran. He is 88 years old and still marches every Anzac Day, Dawn Service and 11AM March (Broken Hill). I have the fondest memory from childhood, of every Anzac Day, standing on a certain corner in the main street of Broken Hill, and proudly watching my father march pass. Marching with his mates, as though they were still on the parade ground from years before, then mychildren experiencing the same thing years later, except he would wave to them as he marched past.
What are of the things you have sewn for AHQ?
To date I have sent 6 quilts and 66 Laundry bags. I like making LB’s. I believe the laundry bags are a necessity and quilts are a very pleasant bonus.
Why do you sew for AHQ?
For ages, I have been wanting to sew for a worthwhile cause. And this appealed to my sense of patriotism. We live in a great country, so why not support the men and women who serve it.
Every Thank You I receive just strengthens my resolve to continue to sew for this organization. The recipients are just blown away by the fact that a total stranger would take the time to make something for someone they don’t know.
 And Jan-Maree’s verve, spirit and support are such an inspiration.

Thank you for all that great info Julie-Ann.

Hugs & Stay safe