I started out my day yesterday with binding some of the quilts that we quilted and layered last week.  Before long look what happened.  Both ends of my binding got tangled together!  Aggh!  A little bit of patience was needed to recover the situation!  Hmph!
I managed to get this quilt completely bound – thanks to some help from Cynthia who just happened to drop in and did some pinning while I kept sewing.  This is another of Caz’s quilts!
And this is why Cynthia dropped over.  She had written to Nutex who manufacture some fabulous Aussie Fabrics – in New Zealand! – and asked for a contribution in the form of the two fabrics that we use for most of our labels.
And this is the result of their generosity!  10m of each!  That is going to make a lot of distinctive labels!
What a generous gesture from them to send it to us all the way from NZ.  
Today I was determined to tidy up after all the parcels that I have received this week and I managed to get it done but the parcels kept coming and no, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!  I love getting mail!  and AUSSIE HERO mail is wonderful mail.  I got a huge parcel today from Cathy who you can also find here.  11m of this fabulous patchwork fabric for backings – enough for 6 quilts!
 and this really cool scrap quilt!  I have to say that I really love scrap quilts!
Then I received a lovely little parcel from an American quilter called Lisa from The Red Headed Mermaid.  You have to check out her blog.  Lisa does some fabulous work – most of it really bright and very eye catching!  I love it.  I really connected with her when she posted pics of her new home town in Connecticut which just happens to have been my old home town when I lived in the States back when my 15 year olds were 4!  Small world.  I recognised the places she photographed and I was so excited.  
 Lisa sent four nine patch blocks for our BOM!!!  and they are her trade mark lovely colours!  Thanks Lisa!
And I received another two of these from Karen 
 each containing another three of these!  Queen sized battings!  
That makes 12 of these that Karen has sent all up and that is enough batting for 36 – yep, that is THIRTY SIX – quilts!  Thanks so much Karen.   That is like 36 great big hugs for 36 fabulous (and maybe even hunky) soldiers!!!
I can’t believe another week has passed.  By the end of next week I hope to have finished binding all the 14 quilts that Del Cynthia and I layered and Caz and I quilted.  Some I am leaving for Del to hand sew for me and the rest I am machining.  Lots of things are planned for next week – but you will have to keep reading the blog to see what we get up to!!!  So, stay tuned!
Till next time….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!