We have a button!  Thanks to Naomi who is much more clever than I am with these techo things we now have a button that you can take and add to your blog!

We also got a thank you last night .   My friend Cynthia has a son in Afghanistan and she has been busily sending quilts over to him and his mates. One of them just wrote her an email – 

Hi Cynthia,
Just wanted to send you a thank you message for the laundry bag and packet of lollies you sent me, it was greatly appreciated. I know that my mum had rung you to let you know I received your parcel, but just wanted to pass on my thanks personally.

Also, a mate of mine over here received a large package of quilts and laundry bags from Aussie Hero Quilts. I was given a quilt made by a Heather XXXXX from Turramurra Quilters and was wondering if you could pass on my thanks to Heather if you have Turramurra Quilters contact details?
Thanks again Aussie Hero Quilts!

We say it every time but it is still nice to hear from those that receive isn’t it?

Now I received today!  Three lovely parcels.  Firstly these great April BOMs from Maria (top two) and Sharina (the bottom eight).  Some of them look pink in this photo but, trust me, they are not!

These blocks came from Pauline 

who also sent me a stash of back and white pinwheels to go with the ones she sent earlier.   I now have a whole quilts worth but I haven’t had time to put them on the design wall yet.  Can’t wait though.  This is the first lot Pauline sent.  We are going to keep the one red pinwheel and add red binding and backing which Pauline also sent – thanks Pauline!!!

Maria also sent along two quilt tops which you can check out here.  They need an iron before I take another photo and that wasn’t happening today so you will have to check them out on her blog until I have them quilted!

I got a knock back today when I asked for a donation of batting so it looks like I might finally have to weaken an use the money that was donated by the Melton Vietnam Vets Association and smaller donation by a few others and buy a roll.  I am also thinking that I might have to weaken and open a bank account.  It is really hard to ask for donations if there is no account in the name of Aussie Heroes to deposit the money into.  Hmmmm, paperwork – yuck!

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!