I received a lovely surprise in the mail today and I just have to acknowledge it.  I am not sure about the etiquette of discussing monetary donations to Aussie Heroes on the blog, but because this comes from a Group or an Organisation and not an individual, I think it is okay to mention it.  I want to say a big thank you to the Waverley Patchworkers Inc. from Victoria.  

They have sent us a donation which was raised at their last meeting to help with the costs of Aussie Heroes.  Of course I will be writing to them personally to thank them for their donation but I wanted to share it with all of you here as well.  

They also said “the work you are doing is tremendous so keep up the good work.”  
Thank you so much to all of the Waverley Patchworkers Inc.  We appreciate the support for those that sew for Aussie Heroes but it is also lovely for the serving members to know that there is such support for us, and therefore for them!

Before we get to Down Under Quilts check out this very kind offer that Hilary has made.

Need a Label?
One of our newer, though already productive, Aussie Hero Friends is Hilary.  She has made a wonderful offer to anyone who would like some lovely looking labels to put on the back of their Aussie Hero Quilts.  

Here is what she says.

I have a thermofax machine (if you don’t know what that is, you can check out my blog for more info – http://hilarymetcalf.wordpress.com/   
I have made a screen of the quilt label and screen printed several labels. I have offered these labels to anyone in my quilting group who wants to make a quilt for AHQ.

I am also happy to make the same offer to any of the blog readers who want to make a quilt, but perhaps aren’t up to printing their own labels. Just send me a stamped self addressed envelope (SSAE) and I will mail them a label (or more, if they need them).

If you are interested email Jan-Maree on fr**********@gm***.com for Hilary’s address.

Thanks so much Hilary.

Searching for Something?

If ever you want to go back and find something on the blog, be it a quilt you have made or a laundry bag or even the above information on the labels there is a box at the top of the page on the left hand side of the blog like the one on the left.  Just type in what you are looking for and you should be given a choice of posts to look at.  For example if you are searching for a quilt or laundry bag that you have made search on your name and you will find a selection of posts will come up.  Now I haven’t attached labels to all my posts from the very start of AHQ because I didn’t know I could or should so not everything from the early days will come up.  I have been doing labels for ages though so lots will come up.  Hope that helps!




Down Under Quilts

Down Under Quilts hit the stores last week but I just received my copies yesterday so I thought I would share it with you seeing as well have lots of followers who are not quilters.  You won’t be able to read the text from these pictures but I think if you want to do that you should have to buy the magazine.  We need stay on the good side of the magazines if we want them to tell our story.  

How exciting that we made it onto the front cover!

We scored four pages inside.  I wrote the information and chose the photos for this article months ago but these flag quilts by Marg from WA are still a great representation of our Aussie Hero style.

Just a funny detail – the first photo shows the quilts on the side of Marg’s house, not as is stated in the magazine, around the mess tent in Afghanistan.  I am not sure where that came from but I certainly didn’t write it.

The last page shares some of the feedback received from the troops and I am so glad that made it in as it shows why we do what we do! 

Now a couple of other Aussie Hero Friends have also made it into the magazine on their own.  First we have Liz (of the kangaroos on quilts fame).  Liz submitted two blocks to the Travelling Friendship Quilt and here is  the quilt in the magazine on its travels.

Liz’s blocks are on the left hand side as you are looking at it  – the first one is the reddy brown background with the grass three on it.  The second one is just three blocks below that showing the gumnuts.  The inspiration for this particular motif came from a fountain in the centre of  Liz’s home town. 
  Finally there is one more Aussie Hero Friend who is featured.  The very clever Lyn C from Queensland has a quilt featured in the magazine.  Well done Lyn.

So now you should all rush out and buy the magazine so that you can read all about Aussie Heroes and the other bits and pieces in the mag.

if you don’t to buy the magazine you can send me an email and try and be one of the first three people to contact me with your name and address as I have three copies to give away.  
The only requirement is that you have to have sent off at least one quilt for Aussie Heroes.

Don’t forget, if you have posted off a quilt or a laundry bag this week please make sure you send me a photo and a confirmatory email if you want to be included in this week’s Mega Quilts of the Week!!!

So far the following ladies have made the list:

 Deb B, Deborah, Gail, Me, Jacqui, Jennifer, Joanne, Julie Ann, Liz, Marg, Marie, Melissa, Nancy, Stephanie, Tarissa,

If you are not on the list above and think you should be please email me as soon as you can.

Till next time……keep spreading the word and happy stitching!