Defence Member Family Support Welcome Expo 2023 at Luna Park on Saturday 11th March by Toni F and Jenny A

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15 March 2023

The aim of this event is to provide the Australian Defence Force Members and their families information about local and Defence community services and support organizations.

The event was open to all Defence Members and their families in the greater Sydney, Liverpool and Richmond areas, concentrating on those newly posted to these areas. The day is an opportunity for the community to highlight all it has to offer ADF families.

Our day began as Jenny and I drove to Luna Park at Milsons Point to represent Aussie Hero Quits and Laundry Bags.

Upon arrival we were met by the event organizer and shown where we were to set up our display which was set outside on the grounds of Luna park under a large Marquee  with a fantastic view of Sydney Harbour and surrounds. The expected amount of attendance was estimated at around 1,500 due to this event being so popular in the past.


The weather was just perfect for all the activities that were organized for the day. Once we displayed the Quilts and Laundry bags on our table we added 3 hard cover Year Books showing many coloured photos of quilts and laundry bags – 1 year to each book. Not long after the Expo was open a large crowd began to form and continued thru the day till early afternoonThese books were of great interest to all that arrived. Conversations expanded arousing great interest in what our organization has to offer to our all ADF members and families in so many different ways, especially to new members that were not aware of our existence. They eagerly looked through our display and our quilt books with great anticipation that one day they will also be a recipient of such a wonderful gift to say thank you for their service to our Country.


We met so many recipients of our quilts and laundry bags.  They were thrilled they could give us their personal thank you for the very special gift that they received during their deployment. In some cases the gifts arrived at a time when it made such a difference.20230311_121921

A recipient arrived and after looking thru our display books came by a photo of himself holding the quilt he received, he proudly showed his family that it was – “ Dad’s quilt that we have at home, look its in this book”. He was delighted to be able to meet us both and say how happy he was to have received this amazing gift.A Warrant officer whose organization is “50 shades of Green, Brown and Khaki” arrived at our display to inform us of his service. He is a collector of Australian Army Memorabilia and who specialises in Soldier’s Field kits from 1915 to 2015.

He also conducts a fund raiser on ANZAC Day outside his house with the support and assistance from his local community. The funds raised has been distributed each year to organizations within the ADF to benefit members and their families. He was delighted to give us the news that this year the money raised will be donated to Aussie Hero quilts and Laundry bags. We were so surprised and thankful for his generosity and kindness.


Also we were fortunate to meet a Major, who in 2020 had donated to Aussie Heros thru a collection from Defence Members whilst on Deployment. This gave him an opportunity to meet 2 volunteers to thank us on behalf of all volunteers for our great service to all Defence membersSome  people that attended asked how they could help our Organisation either by donations or joining our group as volunteers , some were already quilters who wanted to make quilts for our deployed recipients past and present.

We both had such pleasure meeting past and present members of our ADF, some having no knowledge of what Aussie Heros and Laundry bags represents and how to obtain a quilt and laundry of their very own.


The day was an ideal opportunity to spread the word about Aussie Heros Quilts and Laundry bags.  With such a large crowd in attendance we were both assured that more information about this organization, which we are very proud to belong to, is known to the wider community.   So many recipients gave us thanks for their special gift that  they will always cherishA great day was had by all that attended.

Toni F and Jenny A

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