Yesterday and today I have been quilting like crazy.  I am only going to show you pictures of the finished quilts.  I have only managed to finish binding four of them so far.  First a masculine one for a special guy a friend of mine heard about – this will go in the mail tomorrow.  
This is the backing.
This and four others will go to the lone female soldier who received a quilt in our very first batch last year.  They will go to five of her girlfriends.  Some of these blocks were made by Celia and I made a few to bring the number up to fifteen.  Another Gumnut, Debbie, worked on the top til it was completed. 
And this is the backing.

These next two quilts are going to two women in the same team.  This quilt top was completed by Tarnyia.

 And Tarnyia also sent us these nine patches which I handed over to Debbie to turn into a quilt top.

And, surprise, this is the backing of both.

 As an added bonus Margaret dropped in on her way up the coast today and dropped in three laundry bags – unfortuantely I was out doing grocery shopping and playing taxi driver when she stopped by.  Maybe i will meet her another day.

 And all the time, no matter where I was working I had very faithful company! Miss Maisy – I still think she is the cutest dog that ever walked this earth!  And no, I am not biased!

I still have four quilts left to bind but at least I got them quilted and tomorrow I hope to get them all done and ready to post.  Maybe I will get more quilted as well.

Till next time……..happy stitching!