Hi there.  I have had a few inquiries about what sort of batting to use for the Hero Quilts.  The simple answer is 100% COTTON please.  Wool would be fabulous in the middle of winter but I expect these quilts will stay on the soldier’s beds for the whole time they are in Afghanistan and no matter when they go they should experience some of the cold and some of the warm.  A cotton quilt is more versatile and also easier to launder PLUS it breathes better than polyester.  Hope that clarifies that for everyone.

One of my quilt group buddies has been busy – today she dropped off five feminine quilt tops and four backings.  Look what she has been up to…

I am going to be busy between now and Wednesday making labels and sewing them onto the backings but I really can’t wait to see the quilts finished and ready to go.  There are nine feminine quilts that have been promised as soon as we can get them there.  Normally that wont happen. I am not taking requests for quilts.  I will just send as many as I can.  If I hear of a need and I can fill it I will but I don’t intend to encourage requests.  Laundry bags are a different thing though.  I do my best to provide one for everyone who asks for one.

Till next time……….happy stitching!