Tonight’s post has to be quick but more on that later.  

First up a reminder.

Coffee at Beasley’s Nursery and Tea House 10am on Saturday 14th of July.   The address is 195 Heidelberg Warrandyte Road, Warrandyte, VICTORIA.   
Anyone care to join me?

How many ladies do you have sewing for you?  No idea!  Hence the need for an
Aussie Hero Friends Register
I want to start a register of Aussie Hero Friends – particularly those that sew for us. Mainly it will make it easier for me to contact you when I need to, but also I have never had time to register everyone as they have contacted me over the months since I started this.
EVERYONE I meet asks me how many people are sewing for us and I have no idea!  
So, can you please message, comment or email me (dj******@bi*****.au) with your name (first name and last initial or full name, where you are (town, region) and best method of contact – email, facebook, phone number whatever. Just give me the details you are comfortable with, I ask no more.
Also if you are a quilt group and are making quilts or laundry bags I would love to hear from you, even if you just give me the name, approximate size of the group and where you hail from.
Please do this even if you are a regular who I have been emailing for ages as it will save me time having to go back and source all the details or do it from memory.
Thank you!

Now, Friday and today my wonderful friend Tarja came and helped me layer nine quilts.  

Two I managed to quilt on the weekend but I still have seven left.

So that is what I will be doing tonight – at least one of them.  But which one?  

Ahhh decisions decisions!

Till next time……..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!