Hi All.  
Well, here we are – Twas the night before Christmas
… and I have been begging for photos.  I try not to ask them “over there” for anything as they have enough on their hands and their own families want to hear from them without me taking up their time but I thought, just for Christmas, I would ask for a few photos of Christmas over there.  Everyone has been really busy of late so I am really pleased with the collection I have managed to attain.   

A great big thank you to those that contributed the photos to this post!  Much appreciated.

First up this lovely bunch of heroes who gathered together just for this shot for us.  Love it.  Take note of the little Christmas Tree, and if I am not mistaken, a carefully folded yellowy green and blue quilt on the shelf.
Thanks guys!  

Don’t you love their stockings!  I have to say I am impressed with the number of decorations – wish my sons showed this much Christmas spirit.  These fellows are obviously well looked after by their loved ones back home.  Oh and look!  A quilt! Wonder how that got there!

This is the tree in their accommodation hallway. The fellow who sent me the pics said  
“I put a few of the quilts out there just for the shot. Would have been good to get all our quilts out as there are quite a few in our block.”

This one was taken inside the mess (for you civvie types – the mess is where you eat, not as in the case of my boys, where you live!)

On to the next photo – everyone of the girls and the guy in this photo have, or will be, receiving quilts from us!  

As for the others I can’t name them but the first lady is going to receive a quilt from me, but I am waiting for some very appropriate fabric to come from the States before I can get started!  No hints – she might be reading!  The second lady received a quilt from the Chaplain but not sure who made it.  Next lady along, I have just heard via her mother, has received a quilt from Cat and a laundry bag from Terry. The fourth lady has already received her quilt and laundry bag from Stephanie sent at the end of October.  Our handsome gent received a quilt from Nancy and he had no idea it was coming as someone requested it for him as a surprise.  Second last is a customer of Kaye’s – her quilt is yet to go and finally one for Carolynne – also yet to go.  Ladies if you would like me to send you a copy of the photo just email me.  I ran out of time to do it before the post.

 Now lots of us are sewing for 7RAR so here is where lots of the quilts and laundry bags are headed.  7RAR Task Group.   I meant to ask what the red flag is but once again I ran out of time.

Hmmmm  a kangaroo with a boomerang beneath it!  Might look good on a quilt!

or a laundry bag!

This little Christmas tree came from Oregon, is a real tree and sits in 7 RAR TG HQ.   
Not too sure about the rest of the “decorations”.

And who lugs all these parcels around so that they can be delivered?  Handsome Heroes like this one – I have his name and can probably get a quilt to him if someone wants to volunteer!  The caption that came with this photo says 
“Bringing in the mail. We seem to be getting at least 6 of these big bags a day at the moment. No doubt, some of them will have quilts and bags!”

A different postie wrote to request a quilt yesterday and he said “Firstly, can I say what a wonderful job you guys are doing and it doesn’t go unnoticed over here. As a postie in the MEAO I get to see peoples faces when they receive their packages. “

MEAO stands for Middle East Area of Operation ….I think!
This gorgeous young lady is apparently extremely capable.  I have heard that from a number of sources and I will tell you what else I know about her!  She is also extremely popular!  I have had FOUR requests for quilts for her – more than anyone else!  That tells me that she must very well liked.  

What is Christmas without Tinsel!

And a Christmas Stocking!  This one is awesome!
Hmmm Roo over a boomerang! 

My kids used to have trees like this one!

Here we have Santa, yes, of course he is real!  Would I like to you?
Anyway, he is helping to hand out the stockings from the Stockings for Soldiers Project – they have a Facebook Page which you can check out if you wish.  

These two handsome fellows (not the fellow in red!) are on our list.  The fellow on the left is going to be on the receiving end of one of Liz’s quilt and the fellow on the right has already received one from Gillian.

And how about a few of the sights around town?
One of the accommodation blocks

Inside the medical centre

Raiding the lollie bag

The front doors to the mess

Inside the mess

The base coffee shop

Gorgeous Christmas Lights.

 Looking Eastward – see the snow!

 And more snow to the north.

And finally – an action shot – this is the Laundry Guy – face cropped out to protect his identity – in “action” with one of our laundry bags -Julie Ann’s workmanship if I am not mistaken – and if I am mistaken I think I can be forgiven seeing as there are over 1300 of these in circulation these days!

A big thank you again to all those who contributed the photos.  I really appreciate it.

The following are a few links that I have stumbled across in the last 24 hours which I thought you would like to see.  Enjoy!

Click here to see Christmas messages home across the Theatre. Go to the link, find the

search box and type in the name of friend or family member or in our case, the name of 

your recipient, to see their message.  if you can’t find them they may not have done one 

but as many as possible have fronted the cameras.

I guess there is nothing left for me to do now but to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  
To all the wonderful people who have come along for the ride filling boxes with quilts and laundry bags, well over 2275 Bx2 boxes full of love and best wishes,  Thank you for all your time and efforts to stitch with love.

To all of you who have waved goodbye to your loved one or friend as they have headed off, we appreciate that the sacrifice being made is also yours. 

And especially to all of you “over there”, thank you for what you do and how well you do it. We are proud of you and you need to know that it is people like you, not the politicians or the journalists, who make Australia a lucky country!

May your Christmases be happy and joyful and your New Years be safe and peaceful!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a warm quilt!

Bring on the Big Red Guy!