Posts might be a little short this week.  Today I had a new Aussie Hero helper come to help me join batting! I was so glad of the help as it would be pretty tedious otherwise.  No photos – we were too busy working.  LOL 

Tomorrow I have another helper coming to help me piece more batting and we may even have to piece some backings.  I have a twelve quilt tops and backs all just waiting for the backs to be pieced,  the battings to be pieced and then they can be divided up between the quilters.  That is my focus for the next couple of days. 

12 quilts just waiting for me to piece the backings -which are all cut and ready to go – and piece the backings!  I am feeling so organised! 

Wednesday I have two appointments, not related to AHQ – I know amazing – I do have a life outside AHQ!  LOL But on Thursday I will be back into it with a presentation at the Baulkham Hills Uniting Church in the morning.  Friday is another working day with Caroline!

Yep, a busy week that is for sure. 

A couple o f friends to keep in your thoughts…

We have become a nice community of quilters and stitchers and friends and I thought it appropriate to share some news with you.

Chris from South Australia has let me know that she has to scale back her involvement with AHQ due to ill health.

Jill from Queensland has also hit a bump in the road in the last week or so.  Jill’s mother-in-law, Nanny Jill,  suffered a severe stroke about ten days ago and is now in hospital and will eventually head to re-hab.  She will need lots of love and care in the following months as will Jill’s family.  They are a very close unit and I know that together they can cope with anything.

I know you will all join with me in wishing Chris a speedy recovery and Nanny Jill all the love and care that she needs as she adjusts to her new life.  Send prayers, good wishes and kind thoughts, whatever you are comfortable with as I know they will be much appreciated.

Guest posts

At the beginning of December (5th and 6th I think) I have to head up to collect my son from his boarding school again and those would be good days for some guest posts.  I am wondering if there are any volunteers.  One subject that I think a tutorial would be helpful for is applique, as in using fusible wedding and not needle turn of course.  If anyone is interested in writing a tutorial for that please let me know.   Some of you may wish to write a tutorial on a particular pattern you have come up with for Aussie Heroes.   You may have something else in mind.  A bit of military history might be interesting too. Whatever floats your boat as they say.  If you are interested in writing a post just send me an email with your ideas and we will go from there.   

A tour of Tarin Kot

Caroline, aka Deputy Nut put me on to an SBS video which she found on another facebook page and it is basically a tour of some of the amenities on the base at Tarin Kot, including their accommodation and recreational centre.  Well worth watching – you will find it here

Just another reminder
Update on the Sydney AHQ dinner.
WOW!!!  I am so delighted by the number of you who are keen to attend, especially from interstate!    We are looking at Saturday 8 December.  
Email Caroline (aka Deputy Nut) if you can make it.  

Michelle received a lovely thank you on her facebook page today and this is just a snippet of what was a lovely long, but personal message of appreciation.

Hi Michele I received the most wonderful gift from you during the week and I love it thank you so much .  When I opened the box I saw the quilt I couldn’t believe some one back home had gone to so much trouble to make something like that for me.  I love it as it was a true heart felt gift and thank you .
The patterns and colour is me all over – I mean the the snowy gums and the poem.

Jenny also received this thank you message for her quilt and laundry bag

Hi Jenny,
I received my quilt and laundry bag yesterday and would like to say thank you very much.
It has brightened up my bed space no end. All the guys are envious of such a funky laundry bag too. Sure beats a plain green or calico one.
It makes for a little bit of comfort in an otherwise bleak and hostile environment.
It’s obvious that you have put a lot of work into it and I really appreciate it.
Again, thanks a lot. 

And then I received this email of appreciation – he hasn’t received anything but I will offer to send him a quilt and laundry bag.

I’m currently deployed on OP Slipper and saw a poster up for the great service you are doing for our troops. Bless you for making such an effort for our soldiers, sailors and airmen. I know it really hits home when the guys feel appreciated and receive one of your packages.
Again, from someone currently deployed, what your doing is making a big difference.
God bless

What a nice way to end tonight’s post.

Till next time………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!