I had another bright idea today and set up a new gallery.   This one is called the Heroes And Their Quilts Gallery.  It isn’t very big but hopefully over time it will grow.  It isn’t always easy to get photos of the guys and their quilts because of issues of protected identity but not all of them have to worry about that so with luck we will gradually collect more pictures.

I received some more of the May BOMs today from Pauline.   I think there is one more lot to come – just waiting for confirmation on that and then we can put the last quilt/s together.

I have had quite a bit of positive feedback about the June BOM.  Everyone seems very pleased because it is an easy block and also everyone seems to have lots of scraps. Some people even accused me of peeping in their scrap bins!  LOL!  I think it is fun and having done lots of string quilts in the past I am looking forward to this one with the simple white line down the middle to see what we can do with it.  Sue from QLD told me and said she had a ball making 12 blocks and I made two more blocks today too.  
I am really tempted to do more but I have a quilt to quilt and bind first so play time must come later.

I am suffering a little with frustration at the moment.  Some of my lines of communication with Afghanistan and elsewhere have closed up due to personnel change overs and it is very hard to establish new ones.  There are other people I can contact but I don’t like to impose on them too much.  I have so many questions sometimes and no way of getting answers.  Very frustrating.  I know what we need to be doing but sometimes, as is often the way with a bureaucracy, the way to do it is not always easily found.  Thankfully, over the next few weeks I will have some opportunity to talk to some of the guys who have come back.  I think I need to start a question book so that I don’t forget any of the questions that are going around in my head.

In the mean time I think I might just go and sew!

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!