Block of the Month
This block makes great quilts!
And…it is not a difficult block to make.
It’s the same block we made around this time last year in red and blue.
These patriotic colours will make quilts that have a very Aussie flavour!
Use strong greens.  
No lime green or pastel green please.
Patterned fabrics give texture and are great.  
Plains fabrics, geometric prints, any suitable prints, Batiks and tone-on-tone fabrics are all great.  
Gender neutral prints please.
These are some of the greens in my collection that would be suitable.
The gold fabrics were so tricky to photograph! 🙁
Think of golden yellow as the colour to use.
No pale/pastel/baby yellow or mustard yellow please.
Patterned fabrics give texture and are great.  
Plain fabrics, geometric prints,  any suitable prints, Batiks and tone-on-tone fabrics are all great.  
Gender neutral prints please.
1/4 inch seam allowance
Let’s get started…
From both the green fabric and the golden yellow fabric cut…
a strip of fabric about 15 inch long x 3 1/4 inch wide
one square 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch
Sew the two long strips together along the long side, with right sides together
Press the seam allowance to one side
Trim a small section from one end and then cut four pieces 3 1/4 inch wide
Join two of the pieces together to make a square and then make a second square
Press the seam allowances to one side
Take the two large squares of fabric and on the WRONG SIDE of whichever
fabric will best show a drawn line, drawn a line from corner to corner as shown below
This will later be the cutting line
Pin the green and the gold squares together, with right sides together
Position pins as shown, well to the sides of the drawn line
Sew a seam on both sides of the line, with the 1/4 patchwork foot position along the line
Remove the pins and cut along the drawn line
Open out the squares and press the seam allowance of both squares
towards the green, taking care to keep them square and not make “kites” 😉
Lay out the four squares as shown
NOTE  Follow this procedure to avoid unpicking squares sewn along the incorrect side
Pin the first two squares together as shown by flipping the right hand square over the 
left hand square at their adjoining edge
Then pin the remaining two squares 
Stitch the seams and press the seam allowances into the square made up of 
four little squares  – this will give locked seams making the next seam easier
Lay out the half block pieces
Pin with right sides together – the centre seam of the block should lock together well 
if the seam allowances are pressed as described above
Press the seam allowances to one side
And there you have it…
the Green and Gold Diamond Block
Please don’t trim any uneven edges as ALL blocks will be trimmed to make them 
the size required for each quilt that is designed to meet the individual 
Requirements of each Aussie Hero.
THANK YOU…immensely
for contributing your time and resources to make these blocks
used to make the quilts.
A PDF version of this BOM can be found HERE
Please send your blocks to…
Sandy Corry
9 Wendouree Court
North Boambee Valley   NSW   2450
Remember to include your email address and I will let you know when they arrive.
Watch the Happy Mail Post on the Blog each Wednesday to
see the blocks that have been received in the previous week.
Until next time,