A big thank you this month to Kylie who wrote the tutorial for me.  She did a great job.  
Her original tute included lots of wonderful diagrams which unfortunately I couldn’t get to load in blogger (probably more operator error than anything!) so I included photos I took instead.   
Still, not having to write the tute from scratch was a big time saver.  
Thanks heaps Kylie!

And now without further ado – 

This months the Block of the Month
 is dedicated to those lovely guys in Egypt
 who sent us that WONDERFUL VIDEO.  

The month of July is brought to you by the ……..drum roll please….

Shoo-Fly Block!!!!

We are going to construct it a little differently to the ‘traditional’ way so that the blocks can be trimmed to size once done! (Please leave them Untrimmed when sending!)

You can go as scrappy as you like with these – you may like to use just two colours in each block or lots of colours. You basically need a light and dark, or two colours that contrast so that you can see the design.

Colour 1 – dark blues in the sample block
Cut 1 @ 3 ½” square
Cut 4 @ 3” squares

Background – floral print in the sample block
Cut 8 @ 3 ½” squares

Rule a line diagonally on the reverse of the 3” squares.
If you squint you can just make it out in the pictures – Sorry!

(Totally optionally – you could rule a second line ½” from the diagonal line. This would mean you can stitch on both and use the leftover half square triangle sets for something else!)  

Place one of the 3” squares over the corner of one of the 3 ½” background squares. Stitch across the diagonal line.
Now, if you have drawn your second line stitch those lines as well.
 This is what your squares will look like on the back with your two rows of stitching.
Cut between the two lines and press toward the darker colour.
 Now you have your nine squares ready so sew together just like a nine patch.  Layout these pieces with the remaining 3 ½” squares to make the block.    Join the rows horizontally.
 If you sewed the extra line and cut away your mini half square triangles this is what you have –
a bonus pinwheel perhaps?
 Just as with your nine patch alternate which way you iron your seems.  Press the seam allowances on the top and bottom row toward the middle, in the centre row press them outwards.
 Your three rows are ready to sew together.  
on’t forget to pin as you were shown in the 9 Patch Tutorial so that your seams like up nicely.

Join the rows to make the block!

How easy was that?

Kylie had a play with some layouts a suitable size for Aussie Hero Quilts…
(but unfortunately I couldn’t upload them either!)

Kylie also found some really cute Shoo Fly quilts online
(and I was able to upload them!)

Thanks for all your help Kylie!

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!