Don’t forget to leave a comment if you popped something in the mail today and keep those photos coming please.
Okay – look at these gorgeous Aussie Flag panels!  
These are what Marg used in her inspired 8 quilts that we all loved and after I told her how much we loved them she went out and bought the rest of the roll – what a doll!  I have packed up some of the panels and sent them on their way to Debra and Christine.  If anyone else would like some to base a quilt around please yell out  – or just leave a comment.
 I went to the post office this morning and sent off some more boxes to the Warrant Officer – one for him to give the posties over there full of treats, one full of laundry bags for the team his team is being replaced by and the third box was a quilt addressed to the chaplain’s address. 
 And this is my AHQ sewing for today – two more laundry bags to go to the Warrant Officer.  I think I have two more to make and then I can post the last box off.  These two are for that box.  
 I hope someone really “cool” gets the cucumber bag!  hee hee!
Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!