I am sure you remember that I made a special quilt and laundry bag for a very special turtle, Belvedere….. 

I think I showed you the “TU’s” quilt

but I didn’t show you his laundry bag as I didn’t want him to see it
I only ever showed you snippets of Belvedere’s little A3 sized quilt
and I never even told you about his laundry bag as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!
How lucky I had that turtle fabric!

The package has arrived safe and here is the response:

I got your package on Tuesday!  It was so awesome!  The quilts and laundry bags are amazing!  The whole company loved Belvedere’s one!  I’ll be sure to send you a big thank you and a photo with Belvedere and his quilt and bag.

PS. He loved his turtle food!  and I can’t express how much I loved the Tim Tams!

Thank you so much for all your hard work.  It is greatly appreciated.  I will keep my quilt forever and it will remind me of my trip and how there are those back home that do really care

I really enjoyed making Belvedere’s quilt as I knew it would cheer more than just one person. Good to know he likes it – LOL!

Now check out this wonderful story!

 I logged on yesterday afternoon after being at quilt group today and found a message on Facebook from a new follower. She asked if she could buy a quilt to send to her hubby while he is overseas.   I told her that I would be happy to arrange to send him one and she said that would be fantastic.   She emailed me his address and I nearly fell over! 

Would you believe that I had already heard from the hubby! He had requested a quilt earlier in the month and it was already on its way!

And even more, the lovely lady who made it lives in the same city they do and there is a history of military service in both families!  I call that a match made in heaven!!

Just love those stories!

And just before I go – I received another fabric donation today, this time from Fabric Traders.  Unfortunately I have no idea which Fabric Traders it comes from as there was no information on the envelope and no note included but it is certainly appreciated.

I can see a couple of great female laundry bags coming from this, can’t you?

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!