Hi All!  The very clever Jill has created a tutorial for us!  Don’t you just love the colours in this one.  There is going to be one very happy soldier in the next couple of weeks I feel.

Over to you Jill!

This style of quilt can be made from Bali pop’s, jelly roll’s, or strips 2 ½’’ wide by the width of fabric.   You could use a fabric story or total scrap strips.  You will need 36 strips, bali pop’s and jelly roll’s come with 40 strips

Sew strips length ways x 6 strips, I just pick up the fabrics as they lay when I open the bali pop or the jelly roll.

Once you have all the strips sewn together press your seams all going in the one direction.

Cross cut these strips into squares, they should be around 12’’ and you should get 3 squares per strip of 6 fabrics.

Now that you have all your squares cut (18) lay 9 of them out with right side of fabric facing up and rows of fabric in a ‘VERTICLE’ position

With the other 9 squares lay then over the top of the verticle square, but lay the top square right side down and strips of fabric ‘HORIZONTAL’

With the 2 squares now being right sides together sew around the outside edge with a ¼’’ seam (pin together if you wish but it’s not a necessity as the fabric does stick together quite well)

Once you have sewn all the way around the edge  cross cut the square on the diagonal (corner to corner) to give you 4 triangles that when opened out will give you 4 squares.

Press seams to one side, if you press your seams in opposite directions then this will give you a locking seam and will make sewing less bulky.

Sew 2 of the blocks together, and press seams.  Repeat this with another 2 blocks.  Then sew the 2 rows of 2 blocks together and press seams. This will then give you your completed 4 square block .

Repeat this process until you have 9 blocks.

Trim blocks to 15 ½’’, please take the 10mins now to square up your blocks as it truly does make a huge difference to your finished article.

Sew the blocks together in groups of 2, yes you will have 1 block left over, this can be used as part of the backing, in a laundry bag, pillowcase, or with the 4 left over strips from your bali pop or jelly roll, you could add borders around the square and turn it into a table topper.

Sew the rows together then so as your quilt centre is 2 blocks x 4 blocks. The finished measurement of this section will be 30 ¼’’ x 60’’

From a matching border fabric cut strips 6 ½ ‘’ wide by the width of the fabric. (cut off selvages)
Attach your borders and press seams. This will give you a finished quilt top measuring  42’’ x 72’’ the perfect size for an Aussie Hero Quilt.

Thanks Jill!  That is a great tutorial!

I am actually impatient to try this one out as I have a rainbow coloured Bali Pop in my stash and this sounds like just the ticket.  I might need to finish a few things off first!

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!