Okay! I am pretty much having the night off posting tonight – I know- shocking right?  But I am turning the tables and setting you all some homework.

With all the new Friends and Followers to Aussie Heroes I think it is time for a refresher course so that everyone is up to speed on how Aussie Heroes works and what we do.

In the next week I will go back to basics and explain all about 

Who gets quilts and laundry bags
How we send them,
Twice yearly mailing,
Quilts in waiting,
Wounded Warrior Quilts (WWQs)
The Volunteer List
Laundry Bag specs,
Quilt Specs,
Packing instructions and inclusions

Now all of you will need to pay attention – so get yourselves a coffee, hot chocolate, cup of tea but leave the wine till later.  There may be a few changes where things have been altered as we have improved or learned things along the way.

So, here is where your homework comes in.

If you are a new follower and have a question- now is a great time to leave a comment and let me know what you want to know about. 

If you are an oldie (but a goodies) please leave a suggestion if you think there is something I should cover.
There is no such thing as a dumb question or a silly idea.  (ooo I sounds like a teacher – scary!) If you are thinking about something there is a good chance that someone else is too!

And just because I think we need some pictures to brighten things up around here are are a few shots of some of our earlier quilts that you might not have seen!

Love the simplicity of this with only three lovely batik fabrics!
 This was made from BOM blocks from February!  Got me hooked on nine patches these quilts!
 Another quilt from BOMs.  I have been waiting to hear from the recipient of this one- sadly no news but we have to be patient about that as we just don’t know what their conditions are like and they work so hard.
 I am thinking one of our new Facebook followers received this one and I am hoping they will recognize it and say so!  
 This is an early one
 Love those string blocks!
 Still love the colours in this one!
 And this one!
 More nine patches!!!
 A disappearing nine patch for someone I knew loves horses – so rare that we know anything about our recipients!
Till next time……………..think about your homework and happy stitching!