Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Dinner…. Tickets are open for sale…

Written by AHQ

22 April 2023

G’day All

We have finally got to the point where we are able to release some of the tickets for the Aussie Hero Quilts Annual Thank You Weekend.

Here is an update of what is planned for the weekend.

Friday Afternoon 

We are trying to arrange something special for the Friday afternoon but it will take a little while longer before we know if we are able to offer it to you so please be patient. We do have a Plan B if we can’t have our Plan A.  Standby.

The Volunteers’ Gathering

Our Volunteers Gathering on the Friday night is also under construction. By the way, we need a better name for this event. Suggestions must be emailed to ja*******@au**************.au but would be much appreciated.

Friday night will be held onsite at ADFA.  Further details to follow but many of you will be pleased to know that we are working to arrange a light dinner of sandwiches or wraps.   It will be a case of one in, all in (ie we will be catering for everyone) and this will be reflected in the cost but I am looking at something like $20 a head. Once I can firm up the catering I can firm up the ticket price so again, standby.

Breakfast for Newbies

Breakfast at The Rex for all the Newbies and Admin team who want to join us will be a pay as you arrive affair but please book in via Trybooking if you want to join us so we can be organised for numbers.

The Bus Tour

The Bus Tour is still being firmed up but it is coming together. It will include visits to two quilt shops, one different from last year, and will also include a very simple lunch, probably sandwiches/wraps and a bottle of water, but from a different provider than the Friday night so they won’t be the same. There will also be a chance for people to sit and chat off the bus, as a group. Once I get the catering sorted I can lock in the price and the ticket price.   It will not be more than $50 and might be less.

The Dinner

Tickets for the Dinner are definitely on sale as of NOW.  Volunteers and their spouses/partners can pay $90 for tickets. The thought behind including spouses/partners in the discount is that spouses and partners are often enabling our volunteers to sew.   Whether they share the expense, provide cups or tea and coffee, carry bolts of fabric or simply encourage and support our amazing volunteers, we appreciate them and therefore want to consider them part of the AHQ family.

Non-volunteers will pay $155.

In order to receive the $90 ticket price you will need to include a code which you will need to get from me via email and which I ask you not to share. Also, you need to know that ticket prices will be adjusted at checkout.  Hope that all makes sense.

Sunday Morning

Brunch at Poppies is back on this year.  Please book your spot through Trybooking so we have a good idea who many people are coming.

Tickets are available from Trybooking.  Click on THE CALENDAR (on the right) for the date that you wish to purchase your tickets and the ticket options will present themselves.

Also, if you haven’t booked your hotel room don’t leave it to the last minute.  Make sure you don’t miss out.

I can’t believe there is only 6 months to go!


Till next time…. buy your tickets!!!


Jan-Maree xx

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