Time for Part 5 in our Aussie Heroes 101 series and tonight’s topics are
How we send them,
Twice yearly mailing,
Extra things to include

How do we send the quilts and laundry bags
It is quite simple really – as long as we pack our goodies into a Bx2 Aussie Post box and keep the weight under 2kg we can send the boxes free of charge.   Our quilts are designed to fold up and fit it one of these boxes comfortably leaving just enough room for a laundry bag and a few goodies.  If a defence member requests a quilt or a laundry bag and provides their address we can send to them any time of the year.

Twice yearly mailing
(EDIT we no longer send mail via the twice yearly mailings as Defence has recognised the value of what we do and therefore we only send as a result of special requests, either from the service member themselves or their loved ones.)
Every year in time for ANZAC Day and Christmas Australia Post opens up an AFPO Box number that allows the general public to send care packages to serving members overseas and that is what we have been invited to take advantage of.  The next mailing period begins on the 6th of November and runs till the 8th of December.
Outside these mailing periods we can only send to the troops if they furnish us with their address.

Extra things to include
If you look at the Pages on the Aussie Heroes Blog you will see one called Extra Things You Can Include.  You will see there is quite a list.  This is generally aimed at the guys serving in the outposts where amenities are limited.  I try to always include a packet of Tim Tams – yes, they might melt but I have been assured that this is not a problem and every skerrick if chocolate is still enjoyed.  In fact, one young lady, when asked if there was anything in particular she would like me to include said she would love some Tim Tams and that there is almost a black market for them!  LOL   I also heard from one of the guys that LIP BALM- the Chapstick kind if really popular.  They get given a white zinc like lip balm and apparently it is AWFUL.  Another thing I was told is that ROLL ON DEODERANT is great and ……BEANIES…coz it gets so cold.

How to Fold Your Quilt

Hmmm, now I could repeat all the photos here in this post but all the information is in the Page called (you will never guess…..) How to Fold Your Quilt you can access here or at the top of the blog just below the title!  And

Things you need to know to post
There are detailed instructions on labeling your boxes on the Posting Information page at the top of the blog and I would appreciate if you could read it before you send your first box.  For Aussie Heroes the really important thing to do is to label the boxes “From Aussie Heroes.”   Spread the name girls!  We want everyone to know the Aussie Hero name.

Now I know that this is not the most exciting post but I thought I would spice it up with a couple of pics that I forgot to include last night.  This is the little angel’s Dad.   

 That is the most I can show you of him – good old protected identity again but this is better than nothing right?

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!