Okay!  I have finally made a decision.  From now on those who sew for Aussie Heroes are known as Aussie Hero Friends of AHF.  I think that is the most appropriate (although I quite liked Aussie Hero Shielas or Aussie Hero Kylies for their distinctive Australian flavour!).  My feeling is that we sew for Aussie Heroes because we kindly disposed and appreciative of all the Aussie Heroes serving with such distinction for our country.  I also think that if we could all meet I think we would all make some pretty awesome friendships too!

So, G’day all you AHFs!
Just a reminder that our May BOM will be launched tomorrow.  We have done something different this month at Naomi’s suggestion.  She found a block that looked good and after checking with me emailed the author of the tutorial to seek permission for us to use it on our blog.  Sophie, the author, has given her permission so tomorrow you will be seeing her really cool design.  I have just finished my first one.  The only hint I am going to give you is that is starts with a nine patch block made from 3″ squares.  That should be pretty simple seeing as we did nine patches back in February.

On to other matters…..

We had an Aussie Hero Sewing Day today – except we didn’t sew anything!

Wendy and Claire were able to come and together we worked organizing a bunch of the fabrics that have been donated from various people.  Claire spent the whole time folding and when necessary ironing smaller pieces of fabric to make them fit neatly in the shelves.   At the start there was a big mess on the table and in the end the table was empty!  Wendy started out sorting through all the 6 1/2″ strips that were in my big pink bin.  She managed to sort out 11 strips that will go together nicely for a quilt and then got all the rest organised to take home and work on.  She has volunteered to get them all sewn together, then cut into 42″ pieces and then sort them into groups of 11 for quilt tops!  Wonderful.  After she had done as much as she could do at my home she finished off helping Claire.  It is so good to see that table empty and all the fabrics neatly stored on the shelves!  

While that was happening I manned the cutting table.  The biggest pieces were cut into quilt backings, then laundry bags.  Old sheets and some really (and I mean REALLY) ugly fabric was cut into laundry bag linings.  Scraps were cut ito 6 1/2″ strips, then squares and then smaller squares or binding lengths.  

Thanks so much for your help girls!!!!  Hope you are not afraid to come back next time.

And now some more quilt photos from that wonderful Quilting Machine – the Singleton Quilters!

They have now sent 42 quilts on their way!  Oh, and to answer the question “How many quilters are there in the Singleton Quilters?”  35!   So almost two quilts each!  Great effort ladies!

Standby for the May BOM tomorrow night.  

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!