Here is another special quilt that I just had to give it’s own space and story.  The very clever Michelle love words and text.. Way back in August she applied to the Dorothy Mckellar Estate for permission to reproduce the iconic My Country poem on a quilt.  She wasn’t sure that they would reply but in very short order they did.  After a few emails going to and fro to narrow down the details Michelle was finally granted permission , with certain conditions, to use the poem as she had requested.  In fact part of what they said is 

“They think it’s a wonderful project and they are extremely happy for the poem to be used in this way. You may use each or either idea that you have or incorporate the poem into the quilts in any other way that you think suitable – at no charge.
One of the Estate beneficiaries is actually a quilter herself so she knows how much work goes into them!”

So congratulations Michelle on a wonderful quilt.  I hope you are including a story about getting permission to use the words when you send it off.

One of the conditions of use was that Michelle send off photos of any finished quilts for the custodians to see and this is the response she received back.

Hi Michele
I passed the photos on to the executors of the Mackellar Estate. One of them wanted me to pass this message on:
“Hi Laura,
Many thanks for passing this on.
Would you please congratulate those concerned on my behalf for such a lovely quilt and for such a magnificent cause.”
Kind regards

Just so that there are no awkward situations in the future, the permission that has been attained is for Michelle only so if anyone else wanted to do something similar you would have to write and attain your own approvals but I rather hope no one else will as I think this should remain Michelle’s prerogative seeing as she took the initiative in the first place.

Now on more mundane business, this has been a chaotic week with loads of requests, just about all of which have been allocated.  The following ladies have sent me pictures of quilts and laundry bags that they are sending off this week.

Beth, Chris, Karen B, Kay, Kelly and Chris, Linda, Liz for Liz H, Rae, Michelle, Nancy, Peggy and Marie.

If you are NOT on that list and have sent off a quilt can you please send me an email, preferably with a photo, and preferably sooner rather than later.  And if you have already emailed me and sent a picture and you are not on the list – please remind me.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!