It has been another good day in Aussie Hero Quilts land.  All sorts of offers of help are coming in.  A lovely lady has asked for my address to send me some pre-cut strips and binding from Roma in QLD.  A couple of South Aussie ladies are  planning to make some laundry bags,  and there are quilt tops being worked on in Western Australia.  Those are only the ones that I can remember off the top of my head.  I have more offers of help than I can remember.  Tomorrow I am going to have to sit down with all the emails and make up a chart of all the offers so that I can keep track of them.  that is a job that I am really happy to have!
To end with a picture here is another quilt top ready for layering.  This one obviously for a guy……..
hope he likes frogs and bugs – at least it is colourful – hope he thinks it is cheery!
Thank you so much for all those offers of help.  Please keep spreading the word.  Don’t forget if you want to make a laundry bag there is a tutorial here and a list of other the ways to help here.  Do you think I need to write a tutorial on how to make a quilt or are the details here enough?
Till next time…..happy stitching!