I finally got my last two stars stitched today.  And I am not happy!  I don’t like the one second from the bottom in the middle – not enough contrast.  Guess I am making another one!  Grrr!!!

In happier news, I got word on one quilt top in the mail to me today AND some pre-cut fabric will be on its way soon too – woo hoo.

I have been emailing a lot to the lovely people in Afghanistan to organize a distribution method in the long term.  I have been sending everything to a lovely warrant officer so far but he is due to return home to his equally lovely family later in the year and we need to decide the way forward.  The good news is that lots of plans are afoot – I just can’t share them with you yet.  Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.  In the mean time I guess the best thing to do is to keep sewing those laundry bags and quilts and WATCH THIS SPACE!

Till next time..happy stitching!