Hi All

A brief overall update.  

No wonder I can’t rely on my memory for who is making what for whom!  There are 66 requests on the books at the moment!  66!!!  WOW!
But we have room for more too!

I am now actively collecting names and addresses for those that are going to be away for Christmas and beyond, so if you know someone please get their name on the list.  

The lovely warrant officer (haven’t heard from him for a long time have you?) has been back in touch and I hope to be sending quilts and laundry bags to the next bunch of guys and girls to be doing the job he was doing two rotations ago.  Just waiting for the number of women on the team and the address.

I can find homes for as many laundry bags as you can make at the moment, in Afghanistan, Dubai and on ANZAC, so if you are making some and are ready to post just contact me.  Photos too please if you would like me to share them on the blog to inspire others.

Lynda from Pilgrim Patchworkers, a group of 13 ladies a church who make quilts have made at least 10 hero quilts and about 15 laundry bags. 
Well done Pilgrim Patchworkers!

Rita has been planing too and looks like making ten quilts – one has a home already and the others will be up for grabs!

(One of Rita’s quilts from earlier this year)

On the Headquarters AHQ front – that would be my sewing room and dining room (and sometimes the family room as well)  I have collected a bunch of quilted quilts from Carol (Turramurra Twin) which just need binding, including Ellie Lou’s quilt.  I have delivered SGT Diddams’ wife’s quilt to Carol for quilting.  

I have about seven quilts that need binding.  I will do the machining but luckily I have lovely ladies who will hand sew.  

Paula has come on board as a new long arm quilter.  She lives about an hour south of me so I need to put together a bunch of quilts to go to her coz I can’t go back and forth all the time but I am hoping to take a stack to her in a week or so.   

This cool quilt is one of Paula’s and I would really like to find a motor bike enthusiast for it.
Know anyone?

So it is all go here!  
Most excitingly for me – there are no pre-paid satchels waiting to be filled and posted.

All in all a good weekend!

I thought you would enjoy reading the following emails or parts of emails.  Obviously I can’t share any personal or identifiable information but this is what I can share.
A colleague of mine, (his quilt and laundry bag shown here), recently received his quilt and laundry bag. He showed off the laundry bag which was beautiful and I felt a heightened  sense of patriotism when I saw it.
A friend of mine has received one of your quilts, and laundry bags. She absolutely loves hers, and and I think they are fantastic as well.

Would I be able to apply for one of each as well.

Thank you in advance, and is there a way of donating something to you guys in return, as this stuff really lifts peoples spirits a lot.

Thank you all for your effort and support. The team here are so appreciative of the beautiful quilts and laundry bags some of the team here have already received. 

I wait with anticipation and excitement in receiving the quilt and laundry bag that Deb is making. It doesn’t matter when it get here with, as patience was one of the many lesson that my mum and dad taught my brother and I.

Once again Jan-Maree, thank you to you and your team ( please pass on my gratitude to Deb also ) for this heartfelt and supportive service.

I have been over in Afghan for the last 6 months and have a few more left.
Thank you all soo much for not only your efforts, but showing you care.
My 2 year old son is using the quilt your team sent over for me a few months back.
Humble and grateful 

Hi Stephanie, I received your quilt and laundry bag yesterday and I just want to say a massive, massive thank you for the time and effort you put in to making both the quilt and laundry bag for me. It was a nice surprise and was a huge talking point in my section. To be honest I don’t really want to use my laundry bag in fear of it getting wrecked…. 
They both look amazing and brought a smile to my face, not only because of how good they look, but to know there are still people in the world that are willing to put in a little of their own time to do something nice for others with out asking for anything in return. 
Once again thank you, your efforts are greatly appreciated and both the laundry bag and quilt is something I definitely will hold on to. 

(these are the quilt and laundry bag referred to) 

And this message came from the group that sent the lovely thank you card to me which I shared last Thursday.  I think it is referring to some of the quilts that we sent to the Special Forces guys.   Just goes to show that even though we can’t send direct to them any more unless they make personal request they certainly appreciate what we are doing!

I think about three weeks ago a shipment came in- we sent the card the day after I think.   I don’t know how they arrived or who they were addressed to.  From what I saw ( there was the one left when I walked past) they were just placed on top of the mail boxes as a pile of quilts. Laundry bags came in about a month before that.  Most from people’s I have seen were from maybe Singleton quilt ladies and another group. Seemed to be two distinct patches placed onto the quilts. The ones sent here have well and truly gone to good homes and very appreciated.  One of the country boys got one that had John Deere patches on it and he is so in love with it.(see the photo below)  Any Aussie ones are massive hits and people I am pretty sure would fight over them if they had the chance. Also the ones with cool cartoon characters like Dr Seuzz. 
The mail has been slow of recent times 

(This was made by Julie from SA)

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!