I bet you are wondering what on earth I am going on about but I am kind of used to that.  It will all make sense.  Sue sent me some orphan blocks to use up in AHQ and when I laid them out on the design wall it reminded me of a few others I have been sent, some for Aussie Heroes and others earlier than  that.  these are Sue’s.
And here are some of Sue’s and some from Celia, and a couple of others.  
 It made me wonder how many more of you are out there with unwanted blocks that you would like to see go to a good home.  So, as it says at the top, the Adoption Centre is now open.  Please feel free to send me any or all of your unwanted blocks so that I can incorporate them in a Aussie Hero’s Quilt.
Here is one example of a quilt that the Gumnuts and I turned into a quilt for Queensland starting with some orphan blocks.
And, if you don’t have any orphan blocks – feel free to make some!  Hee Hee
Now, just a quick bit of admin.  I have been using two different types of cording and I thought they would both be okay but I am now not so sure.  Last night I pre-washed all three laundry bags that I made (I prefer to wash the finished item than the fabric – so much less fraying!  What i didn’t expect to find was how much the cord frayed – the second type!!!  It has a central core and boy! Did it fray!!!  So, if you have to buy cord from now on – I suggest you buy the cheaper looking cord at the top.  Hope that makes sense.
And now for the biggest surprise and treat!   This is the first time I have been able to share a picture of one of the quilt recipients with his quilt!!!  This lovely guy had to get special permission from his boss, and submit the photo for her approval, before he could send me a picture suitable for publication on this blog!
I guess the amount of effort he went to send us this photo makes it pretty clear how much these quilts are appreciated and if that doesn’t make you want to get your sewing machine out  and start sewing——then you better take up carpentry instead  – nah…..just kidding. 
But wait…….there’s more!  Tonight I also received a gorgeous email from none other than this soldier’s lovely wife!  She just wanted to say thankyou too!  Okay, so yes I am doing a happy dance.  We are doing a good thing here and I couldn’t be more pleased!!!
Till next time……………happy stitching!