Guess what!

Way way back before Aussie Heroes became official it was just my quilt group and I sending quilts to a Warrant Officer and his team.  If you are new to Aussie Heroes and haven’t caught up with how things got started you can read all about it here.  Everything was so well received that I couldn’t help myself and I set up Aussie Heroes.  The Warrant Officer ( who I call the lovely warrant officer or the friendly warrant officer) and his wife have been there all the way.  

I have been thinking about them all week as I knew that he was on his way home.  For security reasons you don’t know exactly when they are going to arrive but I knew he would be home this weekend some time.  

Last night I sent his wife a cheeky text wishing them a wonderful weekend and saying I was happy he was nearly home.  The next thing I knew my phone rang and it was her number!  Except it wasn’t her – it was 
I was so excited and pleased to hear from him that I almost screamed!  Luckily for his hearing I didn’t, but I think that was only because somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain I was telling myself to try and act mature as this poor man has never spoken to me before and might think he had rung a crazy woman!  

It was so lovely to be able to chat to him and ask him questions that I couldn’t ask him while he was away.  It was great to fill some of the holes in what each of us knew and to share all sorts of things about Aussie Heroes.    We must have talked for at least an hour and I really felt I could have talked for ages but he needed to be with his family and he was so generous with his time.  But what a buzz!  It made my night!  

Yep, doing a happy dance.

And now check out this gorgeous quilt made my Gail Mc.  Just love those flying geese and the colours are really lovely ! 
Gail had this quilted by a local quilter, Donna, who does wonderful work – just check out those stars!

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!