I just received a couple of emails from the father of this gorgeous little angel.  Guess who she is.   She is the special little girl that will be receiving the girly nine patch quilt that so many of you have contributed to.  For privacy reasons I won’t share her name yet but I can share this message from her Dad. He has now seen the quilt top in progress on the blog and here is part of his email.
“I cannot say thank you enough for all the effort you lovely people put it (Aussie Heroes).  Also a special thank you to everyone that has worked on my daughter A’s quilt. A was in hospital for most of the week due to an unknown virus. Its the first time one of my children have been admitted to hospital and I have to say it was probably one of the hardest weeks I have experienced over here.
You are  trained to deal with a lot of things prior to coming over here, but when it comes to family back home, you feel so helpless. Thankfully I have such a beautiful and supportive wife who has helped put my mind at ease. A is out of hosiptal now and recovering just in time for her birthday. She turns 1 on the 13th of May.”
So glad to hear that she is out of hospital!
 I sent him a reply and then not long after I got this quick message.  
“I have spent all afternoon on the Aussie Heros blog catching up on what I’ve missed. Thank you thank you thank you to all of the Aussie Hero quilters. And a special heart felt thank you to all the quilters who have worked on A’s quilt.  I have to admit I may or may not of shed a tear or two when reading the blogs and comments.” 
He also sent a few more photos for us to enjoy!    Here he is with his quilt……
 Um, no this is him! Not sure who the blonde guy is but I think he needs to see a bit more sun!  
 Apparently this winter has been much colder than normal.   He said this was his second time experiencing winter in Afghanistan and this was by far the worst!
Now if that doesn’t make you feel really good about being an Aussie Hero Sewer nothing will.
That is all I have for you tonight – I am rushing to get this out before our internet limit disappears completely – thanks to my boys and their enthusiasm for computer games over the holidays  we have used 99% of our 500GB limit.  
Well done boys!  
Thank goodness I have my iPad.  I just don’t know how to add photos to posts in the iPad so I don’t expect I will be back till Wednesday morning.  But in the mean time I will take lots of pictures and will have lots to tell you.   Stand by for photos of our first three WWQs.  They will all be in the mail as of Monday.  Hopefully by Wednesday A’s quilt top and back will all be together too.  
Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!