No words feel adequate to describe the news that five more Australian soldiers have been killed and two seriously injured in two separate incidents.  I am sure I can speak for all those involved with Aussie Hero Quilts when I say that our thoughts are with all those touched by this horrible day.  

I had another post prepared for tonight but it does not seem appropriate so instead I thought we would have an abbreviated version of what would have been the Quilts of the Week for this week.  Lets send all our love to those that are hurting and then lets focus on what we can do to make things better for those we can.

Firstly a parade of HMAS ANZAC goodies.

Julie Ann made these five laundry bags for HMAS ANZAC

 A sneak peak at Marg’s quilt for HMAS ANZAC
You might remember this gorgeous quilt that Liz made.  I have been waiting to find the perfect recipient for it and finally found one among Club 25 – there is no point in showing a sneak peak of this one as it has already been seen and is eagerly awaited.  
There is a laundry bag too but no peaks at that!  

And now for some Doggie Treats.
Angela had outdone herself with her ensemble for the Dog and his best mate, his handler.  First up for the handler..

Then for the dog…

and finally the laundry bag.  

Julie from SA was organised and got this WWQ in the mail to replace the one that has been used recently.

Liz is back again with a laundry bag and a quilt 
that prove that quick and easy doesn’t have to be boring.

This laundry bag and quilt ensemble is from the Singleton Quilters the end of  their mammoth effort of 60 quilts.

I love this gorgeous bright quilt from Carol.

I made the laundry bag to go with it 
and I can only show it because the fellow has know idea it is coming.

Judy C whipped these next six laundry bags  – love the horse one!

Check out the dragons one too!

And we finish off tonight with this striking quilt from Kaye.  
Simple blocks but very striking because of the colours!  

This quilt is the combined effort of Maria who pieced the top and Caroline who quilted it. 

Till next time………………LEST WE FORGET!