I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday.  For me there is something special about ANZAC Day and I usually spend most of it sniffling through the TV broadcasts and the radio programs.  I love listening to the diggers, old and young, talk about their experiences – not the loss and destruction, but the mateships and determination to strive against the hardship.  So inspiring.
my quilt group decided to go ahead with our regular fortnightly meeting yesterday as it would be possible for two of our girls who have had to go back to full time work to join in with us for a change.  Before I went however i sent a special message to the service men and women who, over the last few months, have made contact with me.   I went back through all the messages and emails that you have all sent me and picked out the bits that explain why you wanted to get involved and why you think Aussie Heroes is a good idea.  I figured if you enjoy hearing their messages of thanks then they would enjoy reading your messages of support as well.  I was a bit nervous that the message might be a bit……soppy….. perhaps not the right word but you know what I mean but my hubby said to send it so I did.
Well, it was well received.  This response came from an army Corporal:
Thank you for sharing this with me and I am hopeful that you don’t mind me passing these words on.

This morning I stood here on foreign ground to remember all those who have fallen for our country, those who have been injured and those who have and are still serving in all parts of the world.

I must say today being away from home and my children not only made the true reason of ANZAC day ring true in my ears, it made tears as it does every year run down my face.

So to hear these words of support to us serving members is wonderful and touching.

God Bless you all. 

and then I received this reply from a Warrant Officer:
Well we are about half way through or ANZAC day here and to be honest it is one of the most remarkable ANZAC days I have ever had. To be paying tribute to the fallen in the country that they have paid the ultimate sacrifice is a feeling that is very hard to describe. The mixed emotions of pride and sadness come over you at different times but to be amongst mates whom you have shared the battlefield with is very satisfying.   I hope you have had a great day yourself and you and your loved ones are well.

The kind words you have sent from your “Army” of workers has been passed on to the boys and they are very grateful. To know that people, from all generations, are supporting us in our task is not only encouraging but also very humbling. We really do thank you and your crew from the bottom of our hearts.

As I watch the celebrations from back home, and from around the world for that matter, it is pleasing to see that the young people are going to carry this tradition well into the future and beyond.  To see them in places such as Gallipoli, France and Turkey and of course Australia really is fantastic. You would have to be an extremely hard person if those pictures didn’t bring a tear to the eye and a swelling to the heart. The ANZAC’s are in very good hands.

On behalf of the SOTG I wish to thank you and your AMAZING staff again for EVERYTHING they are doing for the men over here. I fear that these words in an email can never really express the gratitude we wish to express to you all. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to all your ladies and may they be safe and always free from harm.

Just makes you want to sew a little bit more doesn’t it.
We have a few months now to sew before we can start sending off quilts to the Middle East again and hopefully as word spreads of our efforts we will get some more requests.  I know a few people are going to start sewing and there are already a few quilts underway or completed like this lovely one by Liz from WA. Don’t you just love her quilting!

This photo is now in a special file I have called Quilts in Waiting.  What that means is that when I get a special request from someone I will refer to the quilts in waiting and if I think there is a quilt suitable to fill that request then I can send an email straight to its maker with details of who to send it to.  if anyone else out there has quilts underway it would be great if you could also send me a photo so that I can place it in the Quilts in Waiting file.  My feeling is that it is great to keep a flow of quilts, even if it must be a trickle at times, heading over there so that the name Aussie Heroes keeps spreading and so that more people learn of they support they have.

I have had a suggestion that I call you all Aussie Hero Angels instead of Aussie Hero Sewers (I really don’t like the word “sewists”).  What does everyone think?  I think you are all angels!

And while we are on the subject of sewing more quilts – one smart girl in Tassie managed to take advantage of recent specials in Spotlight and scored a whole bunch of Australian Flag Panels for very little outlay.  She has offered to make them available to other Aussie Hero Angels (?) so more fabulous flag quilts can be sewn.  I think these panels are great for all the AHQs but even more so for WWQs if you are planning to make one.
Her name is Kathy and she is happy for you to contact her via her email (st*********@ho*****.com) if you would like to have a panel or two – thanks heaps Kathy!