You might remember that Marg from WA sent off four fabulous laundry bags earlier on and today she received this fabulous photo and a thank you.

A quick note to thankyou for your lovely west coast eagles laundry bag, it is a real treat and a real boost to morale to get such a lovely gift.
I have attached a quick photo of the team holding our bags out the front of our Headquarters, please distribute as you see fit. I’m the bloke in the middle next to XXXXX (the female)  who helped organise from this end. I personally love that my eagle is upside down, I like things a little unconventional.
We will likely send the photo to the West Coast Eagles to show them that we are supporting them from afar.
Anyway thankyou again and best wishes

(and no she is not taking orders for footy themed laundry bags!)

A couple more thank you messages have come in as well.

Hi Caroline,

I would like to say thanks for the wonderful laundry bag that you made for me – its so beautifully made and obviously a lot of care has gone in to it. It helps make my room feel a little more personal.  It is greatly appreciated and I love it.

And for me, but especially for Lyn of Mt Helena who made the gorgeous Laundry Bag that he is talking about 
Thank you for the laundry bay, our padre bought this into me today, he was looking for a cook to give the bag with the tea pots too, seeing I am Cook / Caterer in the middle east, I suppose I fit the bill.
Thank you again and please thank all of the ladies and persons who do this fantastic work supplying the laundry bags and quilts, and for the support all of you give us here in the Middle east.
Smiles all round 
Because I will be away next Wednesday  I will not be able to put up a post for the Happy Mail so as it comes in between now and then I will post it rather than saving it up.

Today’s happy mail included this fabulous selection of BOM blocks from a new AH Friend, Penne.  What a great selection!  I can’t wait to have enough time to add these so those I have already received and have a play and start arranging quilts on the design wall!

These FWQ Blocks came from Cathy from VIC.

These ones came all the way from Teresa in the USA.  Teresa is a regular Aussie Heroes contributor, in fact she has sent me some gorgeous red white and blue blocks that I am really looking forward to combining with an Aussie Flag and making into a Wounded Warrior Quilt.

Now this quilt is a little special.  It is a dog quilt.

And this is the handler’s quilt.  These were both made by Annette and I have to tell you that she included a letter to go with them and I hope she won’t mind but I have to share some of it with you.

They don’t show up really well in the above photo but it you look below you can make out a name – 
LT J.W. Costin 9th BTN KIA
Around the border of the quilt Annette has placed her family’s Regimental Numbers, past and present, going back to World War 1.  How special is that?  I think there are 9 all up, including Annette herself and her son who is still in the Navy.
What a special quilt this is.
And you have to see the back as well.

Great job Annette.  This is going to be loved!
Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!