I don’t know, a trip to New York AND a lovely thank you message with photos!  Seems a bit lucky if you ask me!  But that is Angela’s lot in life at the moment the lucky thing!
Hi Angela !You will be pleased to know that the parcel has arrived ! Sorry for the slow reply, we only recently arrived back in from an extended “camping trip” out in the desert, I arrived back to find the box waiting on my bed, how exciting! Thank you very much for the lovely quilt , its very much appreciated and makes me smile every time I see it on my bed. Green is my favourite colour and is a very welcome change to my normal bland white doona cover. Thank you also for the flag for Terry (see here) , it may come in handy for him to keep warm in the coming winter months ! Everything is going well over here and everybody is staying safe. We are planning a Halloween dress up party so everybody is in the process of ordering or constructing a costume. 
Thanks again to you and the Chatting Chooks for your kindness. Attached is a couple of photos of the quilt atop my bed and me enjoying it ๐Ÿ™‚    

How is this for a Super Cute Face!  I was sent this photo by one of our recipients when I told him that his quilt is on its way to him.  He thought I would like to see who will eventually receive his Daddy’s quilt.  I asked if he minded me sharing this with you and he said it was fine.  He also described him as a little ripper – and I am inclined to agree!  I am the least clucky person TRUST ME  – but this IS CUTE!
Bet you can’t look at him without smiling too!

A new batting option.

In recent weeks/months, with the help of Deborah C from SA, Aussie Heroes has done a little but of product testing.  Deborah very kindly made a quilt with Nu-wool wadding in it and we sent it over the a happy tester for her to use and compare with one of our standard cotton batted quilts.  The happy verdict is that she couldn’t tell the difference between the two and loved them both.  That is just what I wanted to hear.  So, if you want to use the 60/40 wool/poly batting go right ahead.  

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!