Caroline and I got together today for a working bee for Aussie Heroes and we were both really pleased with what we got done.  First we had a bit of a show and tell with the quilt tops that she has been working on – I think it was four quilts she is working on!  Two are quilt tops waiting for backings, one we layered today and the fourth is in block stage.  We put them up on the design wall and worked out the layout while she was here – that one is a surprise as it will be the block of the month for July and Caroline is going to write the tutorial.  
We set to work and layered three of the quilts that Wendy pieced ( the ones I showed you here).  Then we layered one of Caroline’s quilts before getting on to the following…..
Pauline made all these wonderful pin wheels and sent them to me complete with red binding and backing so today we arranged them to our liking on the design wall and now they are ready for me to sew together.  I just LOVE these.  I am really partial the the graphic nature of the black and white and I think this would really suit either guy or gal!
 Next we played around with the April BOM blocks!  These are so much fun.  A simple border of the red and white stars and they are done!  What is the vote – does there need to be a white strio down the side between the stars and the blocks or not?
 And finally we put the nine patched up – not yet enough for a quilt but we are getting there.  Some of you will recognise yours – some are left over from this quilt and some I made one night when I just needed some easy sewing to do.
We got so much done but then we do work well together.  Thanks for coming Caroline (and for the chocolates!)
Now I have to rush off to collect Fly Boy (twin number 1) from Youth Group.  
Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!