5 December 22 Request List

Written by AHQ

5 December 2022

Greetings all,

Woo Hoo, are you getting ready for Christmas?  I have to say it is my favourite time of the year. I love the decorations and the gift giving part.  I am enjoying the fact that both of my sons have moved out this year so I can wrap presents whenever I like without worrying about being caught. What bliss.  And yes, I am making my list and checking it twice!!!


But in the middle of all the checking I am also planning some sewing and have picked out two quilts to make over the Christmas break.. can’t wait… Here are the requests for this week.


The post by date for all Requests on this list is 9 January 2023 please, or earlier if you can manage this.  If you cannot make that date, please let me know. Do reach out if you have any timing issues and we’ll resolve one way or the other. In fact, if you are going to be late posting it please let me know BEFORE you post it.  Also, if this time frame is too tight for you, there are options, just email me to discuss, thank you.

Request Information

When selecting a request, remember, you do not have to include everything they have asked for. Footy quilts do not need to have the logo or even the team’s name. Using the team colours is all that is required. Simple is perfectly acceptable.  A number of these requests have given you favourite colours as well as footy teams or other hobbies and interests. It is fine to make a quilt using their favourite colours and include only one of their interests.  It is fine to keep it simple.

If there is more than one request on this list that you would be happy to do I suggest that you send me a list of requests and tell me how many you want to be allocated….i.e. one of the following please….There are always a few requests that everyone wants to do (and I can never pick them) so if the first one you ask for is taken then I can allocate another from your list if I have a list.

Any queries you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact via the AHQ email as per usual with any queries and we will assist you from there.  We may not know the answer, but it will be our pleasure to research and get back to you.

A reminder, when you are ready to post the quilt or laundry bag you’ve created, please use the PMKeyS number given you in any correspondence with the admin team.  This helps the volunteer admin team keep a track of what’s been sent etc.  The PMKeyS number is included in the address details we supply for your recipient e.g.  the 7-digit number in bold below.

CPL Wanda Quilt 8765432

TG 3456



Sydney NSW 2890

Also, please use the Aussie Heroes PO Box address on your parcel in the event the parcel is Returned to Sender –  the PO Box is a safe place in the event of  any mishaps with postage.

Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)

PO Box 248

Cherrybrook NSW 2126

Don’t forget to take a photo of your completed quilt or laundry bag to email to AHQ with the name and PMKeyS of the recipient and we can include in the Weekly Dispatches blog and add to the tally of quilts and laundry bags sent off to the troops.  I personally love viewing the photos of those projects dispatched – so inspiring.

If you are using a AHQ supplied prepaid satchel please kindly use the AHQ address for the return address– also for your own packaging – if a parcel is Returned to Sender it is likely we can expedite its journey to the recipient from Sydney.

Please also please hold on to the Tracking number (the pink sticker that you should remove before posting – we’ve experienced mail delays lately (haven’t we all?) and having the Tracking number is very reassuring to keep an eye on the parcel’s progress in arriving at its destination.

Don’t forget, if you look at today’s Request List and need help choosing, please feel free to get in touch to discuss, we will be ready to reply and offer guidance by email. Our goal is to help you find a request that you will be comfortable with doing. If you need a crest etc we may be able to post embroideries / printed fabric images or email some of these to you.

Helpful info may be gleaned here from Information For Those That Sew

I look forward to seeing the photos of completed quilts and LBs when they are ready to post off.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE copy the ENTIRE line if you wish to nominate for a quilt or laundry bag.

For example….

Marvel Theme. Ironman M LB 1

This is really important to make sure that neither you nor I copy the wrong number which could lead to me giving you the wrong details for specific request. If you find it hard to copy and paste, please copy or write the line out as above as:

Marvel Theme. Ironman   M   LB   1

Decoding The Columns:

The first column is the theme or preferences requested.

The second column indicates the gender of the recipient:

F = female

M = male

The third column is as follows:

B = both quilt and laundry bag (feel free to nominate to JUST do the laundry bag if you wish)

Q = just a quilt

LB = just a laundry bag

The fourth column is the number of the request.

Please let the Admin crew know if you have any other questions….Just email co*******@au**************.au

Looking forward to seeing what you want to make this week. Happy stitching!



P.P.S.  Don’t forget to check out AHQ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Brisbane Bronco’s M Q 1
NSW Blues theme M Q 2
Rising Sun, Skippy Badge 1CDO 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Served 08 Feb 1969 – 05 Mar 1970 Vietnam Vet M Q 3
Rising Sun, Royal Australian Engineer Badge 1st Field Squadron Served 25 May 1966 – 04 May 1967 Vietnam Vet M Q 4
RAEME 17th Construction Squadron Workshop Served 26 Nov 1970 – 21 Oct 1971 Vietnam Vet M Q 5
RAAF crest, Air Force, Rugby League, Brisbane Broncos, Nature, Camping, Green, Blue, Orange. (we can provide the RAAF crest) M Q 6
Blue, Walking, Yoga, Gardening, brown Mini Cavoodle called Simba F Q 7
Blue and Green Air Force, Family, Running, Travel, Camping and Golf Pet Dog that is a Spoodle named Bear. RAAF crest (we can provide the RAAF crest) M Q 8
My favourite colour is navy – but I love a splash of colour like red. I love the Japanese sort of combo of Navy/ white and tiny bit of red. I actually love quilts (though have never made one cos I can never find the time) and lovely lines/ designs. F Q 9
Parramatta eels. Navy Themed with RAN crest (We can provide the crest). Please include letters “MCT1” M Q 10
Rugby League (Canberra Raiders and QLD Marroons) M Q 11
Green / Miniature dachshunds  + submariners dolphins (We can supply the dolphins) M Q 12
blue, green, yellow, AFL and camping M Q 13
Forrest green Hobbies: Plants, art, music, beach/outdoors F Q 14
World Map, Crests for HMAS Darwin, Newcastle, Hobart, Food, Narwhals (we can provide the crests for the ships mentioned.) M Q 15
Red and Black, lifting weights, playing video games, drinking beers. M Q 16
Marvel/Avengers, Frozen, Dragon Ball Z M Q 17
Fav colours are Green, Blue, Yellow. Liverpool Football Club, Fav sports to play included Golf, Volleyball and Soccer M Q 18
Beaches, Mountains, Forests, Sea side cliffs M Q 19
The Simpsons M Q 20
RAN crest, black and Red Fish Aquariums, playing chess M Q 21
RAN crest, Black and Yellow Richmond Tigers (AFL) M Q 22
RAN crest, Green / Blue Basketball, Running,  New York Knicks (basketball), Western Bulldogs (Aussie Rules), Arsenal (Soccer), NY Yankees (baseball) M Q 23
RAAF crest, C130 silhouette, the red cross and/or any other RAAF images you think would go well. I am a medical officer and have mainly worked doing aeromedical evacuations using fixed wing planes and supporting military operations from a health perspective. I love bright and warm colours.(We can provide the RAAF crest) F B 24
Cronulla Sharks, Miniature Daschunds, Beach F B 25
Batman Joker, Darth Vader Luke Skywalker M Q 26
original Ben 10 or NBA LA clippers themed M Q 27
Motorbikes, Sports Cars, Japan M Q 28
Tiger/Whale Sharks, XXXX Gold beer, labradors F Q 29
Red, Green, Black, Propellors, Engines. M Q 30
dogs (cavaliers) green, roses, sunflowers, one piece (anime) F Q 31
black, rick and morty M B 32
Rhinos, Surfing (pastel blue or pastel pink) M Q 33
Australian Wallabies (Rugby Union) & Victoria Bitter Stubbies M Q 34
Scuba diving, ocean themed M Q 35
Red, Adventure Dirt Motorcycles, 4WD Adventure, Dakar Rally M Q 36
Ships, Wakeboarding, Scuba Diving, Ocean Themed M Q 37
Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Black Labradors, Black Mini Schnauzer M Q 38
NRL Cowboys, Red cattle dog, Rick and Morty, Adventure time, Katana (Sword). F1 106 B 38
One Piece TV Show, St George, Metal Music, Text “FFG 06” M B 39
Anime, Traditonal Japananese art, Disney. M B 40
My Little Pony, MotoGP, Heavy Metal music- Favorite band is “In This Moment” M Q 41
Legend of Zelda, The Avengers M B 42
NRL Melbourne Storm, Gym, Chef M Q 43
Blue, black, white, NRL Sharks, motorcross, fishing M Q 44
Rotweillers, surfing, VBs M B 47
camping, farming, sailor jerry, even some beach themes. F Q 48
Surfing, Kitesurfing, Yacht, Blue/Grey M Q 49
Brisbane Broncos Rugby League M LB 50
Western Bulldogs (AFL)/ Golden Retrievers F Q 51
South Sydney Rabbitohs, Batman, Las Vegas Raiders M B 52
Blues, green, yellow, Travel and Family M Q 53
Blue / Red / White, sharks, submarines (perhaps a silhouette), black labradors F Q 54
HMAS Hobart (silhouette of ship), Side number DDG 39, Asia themed and beers. Suggestions… Asian Themed could be a map of south east Asia and some Japanese themes like Mt Fuji, traditional Japanese girls and Temples, beer bottles/cans with Asahi  (we can provide the silhouette for applique, and a map of SE Asia) M LB 55
Navy Blue/Green, HMAS Hobart themed, Missile silhouettes, space, pirates, Beers. (we can provide the silhouette for the Missile) M B 56
Lime Green/Navy Blue, HMAS Hobart, missiles, torpedos, and a 50 Calibre Machine Gun. NAVY SEAL TEAM, UFC Logo. (I can print the seal team logo, the HMAS Hobart crest, the 50CL gun- UFC logo, missiles and torpedoes easy to applique) M Q 57
Map of Australia with South East Asia / or HMAS Hobart Green Ghost theme, Ships, RAN etc M Q 58
Blue/Orange colour scheme, Destroyers, Motorsport, Fast Jets (All sillhouettes) M Q 59
Brumbies Rugby Union, Submarines, Ships, Navy theme, Whiskey, RAN crest, Submariners Dolphins (we can provide the RAN crest and a silhouette of a submarine) M B 60
South East Asia / or HMAS Hobart Green Ghost theme, Ships, RAN crest, Australia, blue colours (We can supply the RAN Crest) F B 61
Southeast Asia / Northeast Asia theme, missiles, destroyers, AEGIS logo (we can provide the logo) M Q 62
HMAS Hobart “GREEN GHOST” theme, Missiles, Electrical, propeller  (We can provide the badges and silhouettes) M Q 63
Yellow, Blue and Grey, Aegis Shield, Naval Missiles, Destroyers (We can provide the Aegis Shield) M LB 64
Naan bread, HMAS Hobart “GREEN GHOST” theme, Missiles, Dive Helmet, Helicopters (Dive Helmet being embroidered) M LB 65
HMAS Hobart “GREEN GHOST” theme, Missiles, Dive Helmet, Helicopters M B 66
silhouette of a Submarine and if possible a Torpedo, Beer, Cats M B 67
Diver, ships, ocean, surfing, emu export M LB 68
red panda, 4wding, blue & green M LB 69
James Bond “007” theme.                                              (Some favourites: Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Omega watches, Aston Martin DB5, Ana de Armas, Eva Green) M B 70
Rainbow, Dungeons and Dragons/Fantasy Monsters M B 71
Souths Sydney Rabbitohs with green and red and white to go with the colours and the rabbit logo on the front M Q 72
HMAS Hobart, Star wars LEGO (We can supply HMAS Hobart crest) M Q 73
Chicago Bulls (NBA), Michael Jordan, West End draught M B 74
Indo Mie Mi Goreng noodles, matcha, pour-over coffee, ramen, sushi, Kanye West, surname in comic sans font M B 75
Dragons, wolves, purple and blue, Lord of the Rings/Fantasy vibe. F Q 76
Surf, Palm Trees M Q 77
Blue/green/red, Surf/Beach, wine, electronics, Naval weapons (missile silhouettes) M B 78
simpsons, black M B 79
Black, colourful  tropical flowers, Island Vibes F B 80
Star Wars, Chewbacca is my favourite character M Q 81
Melbourne Storm, 2 names on it M B 82
XXXX (beer) Naruto Shippudon, Ice cube(rapper), easy e(rapper), tupac (rapper), Biggie smalls(rapper), M B 83
Star wars, japanese themed and name F B 84
adventure time cartoon,rick and morty cartoon M B 85
Dark purple and Dark green, japanese culture, weight lifting, beach, anime, pokemon, fire M B 86
Yellow and Black, Cyberpunk 2077 theme M B 87
Ducks, Dinosaurs & Penguins M Q 88
music, dogs, family, beach F Q 89
Blue, Rugby Union, Wallabies, Star Wars, Tattoos M LB 90
Open to any interpretation. RAN Crest – (we can provide the crest) F Q 91
Blue colour please. My proffession is a GP, so perhaps incorporating red cross, stethoscope or something similar. Hobbies include BBQ, pizza making, Labradors, reading, cruise shiop vacations M B 92
Surpise me! I love wine and pasta F B 93
Something bright, colourful and happy please and thank you!! P.s I love Daisy and sunflowers 🙂 F B 94
Camping. Nature. M LB 95
Aussie outback and western theme. M LB 96
HMAS Anzac ship theme. (We can provide the Crets) M LB 97
HMAS Anzac ship theme. (We can provide the Crets) M LB 98
Anime – Demon Slayer. M LB 99
Turtles. F LB 100

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