I have a couple of questions about posting boxes today so I thought I had better go over the dates again.  We can start posting on Thursday the 15th of March 
and must have posted our last parcel on Saturday the 14th of April.
I have no idea what happens to parcels that are sent earlier or later but I really don’t want to have find out.  As I want Aussie Heroes to continue for a good while, even after the guys and girls are no longer in Afghanistan (but more on that when the time comes) I want us to stay on the good side of Department of Defence and be considered a blessing not a pain.
A wonderful donation turned up today from Birch Haberdashery.  They generously sent us a 50 yard roll of batting.  It is one yard wide so we need to cut it into 120cm length pieces and join two together for each quilt and it will yield enough batting for 20 quilts!  Wonderful!!!  Thanks so much Birch!
Tomorrow I am off to a special Aussie Heroes outing but you will have to read my next post to find out all about it.
Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!