Hi all, 
I’d like to share a story with you about love and gratitude! I know many including yours truly don’t get a lot of thank you’s from our recipients?
 I’ve worked out its about a third and while I don’t sew for AHQ for thanks or accolades it is lovely when we do isn’t It?
I take on board the thanks on Happy Mail Tuesday and always look forward to reading them.
Our son is a great supporter of AHQ and has been to several of the dinners with me. He has seen the amazing quilts we produce and is always impressed.
Knowing a bit about the whole process through me, (he’s very proud of his mum) I had the idea that he would take the request of his quilt in his stride. 
 He deployed to Afghanistan in February knowing he could request a quilt and so he did.
When Jan Maree let him know his quilt was on its way, this 50 something son of ours was beside himself with excitement and anticipation. What a lift it gave him, so far from home in an alien landscape with many more months to go.
Well yesterday he received the box with the words Aussie Hero Quilts! Those of you that have met Andrew know he smiles easily, and he would have been smiling through the whole process of opening the box, unrolling his quilt, the anticipation building!!! I would loved to have seen that….
To say he is thrilled is an understatement, he loves and will treasure this quilt his whole life.
For me as an AHQ quilter and his mum it has been  a wonderful opportunity to see first hand the joy our quilts and laundry bags mean to our troops. I wish you could all experience this journey I’ve been on with him it has been joyous and enlightening.
This quilt is his but its touched my heart and I didn’t expect that…
Enjoy your sewing and know what a difference it makes not only to the individual but to his family as well.
Jacqui D